F1 Audio — Nordost Event

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F1 Audio has organized a fantastic event featuring the new Dynaudio Contour speakers, Nordost cables, Octave tube electronics and Music from MoFi. 

If you’re in the Chicago area, be sure to stop by F1 Audio, this Thursday, February 23rd, starting at 4:30PM, for what is sure to be an amazing evening! 

Factory representatives will be on hand performing demonstrations and answering questions. Register for a chance to win music from MoFi records. Special pricing during the event. Refreshments will be served. 

Call or email to register:

Contact Jamie Pauls 847-772-3140


F1 Audio February Event

Thursday, February 23rd 4:30 to 8:30

311 E. Dundee Rd. Palatine, IL 60074

Contact Jamie Pauls 847-772-3140

jamie@f1audio.com  www.f1audio.com

Nordost, Dynaudio, Octave & MoFi

Nordost will be at the Montréal Audio Fest!

montreal audio fest

Nordost is excited to attend the Salon Audio, Montréal Audio Fest, March 24-26. Please join us at l’Hôtel Bonaventure Montréal in Salon St-Michel, where Nordost sales representatives, Michael Taylor and Bruno de Lorimier, will be performing live demonstrations and product comparisons throughout the weekend. The Montréal Audio Fest is the perfect opportunity to hear the effect that quality cables can have on a hifi system, and to determine how the caliber of performance is improved as enhancements are made to cable design. Admission is free to the public, so we hope to see you there!

Nordost at Sound & Vision: the Bristol Show


Please join Nordost February 24-26 for Sound & Vision’s 30th Bristol Show. You will find Nordost in room 210, on the second floor of the Marriott City Center Hotel Bristol. Show attendees will have the opportunity to experience Nordost’s famous product demonstrations and cable comparisons, as well as be some of the first to experience some exciting new Nordost releases like the Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 Cable and the Sort Lift. While at the show, don’t forget to take advantage of some unbeatable show prices on your favorite Nordost products, available on the Ground floor, Bay 4

Nordost at CES 2017 Recap

We started 2017 off strong this year at CES.  Industry attendees were the first to hear demonstrations of the new Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 Cable, which makes an astounding difference in hi-fidelity computer audio.  Throughout the show, Nordost was well represented in several fellow manufacturers’ sound systems.

Here are some images from Nordost at CES 2017:


Simaudio used Valhalla 2 cables (supported by our new Sort Lifts) for the launch of their MOON 888 MONO AMPLIFIERS:IMG_9733 IMG_9772 IMG_9776

In the TAD/MoFi room you could find Nordost’s Tyr 2 Speaker Cable:IMG_9777IMG_9783

VTL used Odin 2 in their stellar system:IMG_9786 IMG_9787 IMG_9789

Hegel used both Heimdall 2 and Blue Heaven Cables along with Sort Kones:IMG_9800 IMG_9802

Our own room was set up with a full loom of Valhalla 2 cables to showcase our new V2 USB cable.  You could also find our entire range of QRT and Sort Products, making the system sound its absolute best!IMG_9866IMG_9815 IMG_9818 IMG_9823 IMG_9864   IMG_9867 IMG_9868 IMG_9869 IMG_9870

Nordost at The NAMM Show 2017


Nordost is excited to participate in our second year at NAMM! Come and see us at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA January 19-22 in booth 3394. Last year, Nordost was proud to launch our first range of Pro Audio Cables, Ax Angel. Constructed using the same design philosophy and technology that has revolutionized the hifi audio industry, our Ax Angel range is comprised of five different types of cables: power cords, instrument cables, patch cables, speaker cables, and microphone cables. Visit booth 3394 to get a personal demonstration and experience how the cables that we make can take the music that you make to the next level.


JS Audio — Nordost Event


Hifi enthusiasts in the DC area are in for a treat! JS Audio is organizing a great evening featuring some of the leading companies in the audio industry: Nordost, Audio Research, Dan D’Agostino, Harmonic Resolution Systems, dCS, Audeze, Wilson Audio, and Dynaudio. This amazing event will be held in the JS Audio showroom on Saturday, December 3rd, starting at 4PM. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to jsaudio@jsaudio.com


jsaudio_newsJS Audio 
4919 St. Elmo Avenue 
Bethesda, MD 20814
Saturday, December 3 4PM 
RSVP jsaudio@jsaudio.com


Nordost at CES 2017

ces nordost

Nordost is happy to be attending CES in Las Vegas again this year. Both Nordost’s US and International sales teams and product trainers will be at the Venetian, January 5-8 on floor 29, room 136. There, they will be conducting meetings for our loyal distributors and dealers, as well as performing live demonstrations for attendees. Throughout the show, Nordost will be showcasing some exciting new products that we are thrilled to share with visitors.

Want to attend a Nordost demonstration?


Over the past twenty-five years, Nordost has built the reputation of our products by conducting revealing, effective, and powerful demonstrations at hifi audio shows and private events around the world.  We do this not only to stand out from, and compare ourselves with, our competition, but also because as a company, we feel that the demo process is an important part of developing your hifi system.  In a high-end audio system, every component is critical — cables included.  Cables are an extension of the equipment they are connected to, and if you don’t have quality cabling, it can be the choking point for your whole system. Cables make a difference, and Nordost has always insisted that our customers should hear the difference for themselves.

If you’d like to be notified about Nordost events near you, please click the link below!


Audio Excellence — Nordost Event


Come and join us for a night of demonstrations, comparisons and great music! Audio Excellence, in Vaughan, Ontario, is hosting a Nordost Event as part of their “Meet the Manufacturers” series November 10th, from 4-8 PM. Nordost sales representative, Bruno de Lorimier, will be in attendance, giving guests an introduction to our line of hifi audio cables. We hope that everyone in the area will be able to visit us at the Audio Excellence showroom to hear firsthand what our transformative products have to offer your home audio system.

“Meet the Manufacturer”
Audio Excellence 
661 Chrislea Road. Unit 1
Vaughan, Ontario
Thursday, November 10th 4-8
RSVP/Contact 905-881-7109