Nordost is headed to the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show!

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Nordost is very excited to be joining our friends and partners, Radar Audio, at The Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show this year at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, August 11-13th. Nordost’s VP of International Sales, Johann Graham, and Product Specialist, Bjorn Bengtsson, will be there to answer questions and conduct demonstrations on a variety of Nordost products, including our new QKORE Ground Units, in room S421. Nordost products will also be available for purchase throughout the show for all attendees. The Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show is one of the most important events in the audio and visual industry in Hong Kong and South East Asia, and we are happy to be involved once again! 

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LA Audio Show 2017 – Recap

Coming off a successful launch at the Munich High End, the LA Audio Show was an amazing venue for Nordost to introduce our new ground unit, the QKORE, to the US market! The demonstrations that product trainer and Nordost sales rep, Mike Marko, performed left show attendees with a new appreciation of how proper grounding can transform a system. However, our room wasn’t the only place to see Nordost products featured! Thank you to our dealers and manufactures throughout the show, who chose to highlight their products with Nordost cables. If you weren’t able to make it to the LA Audio Show this year, here are some of our favorite photos from the show!

The new QKORE Ground Units were front and center in the Nordost room:IMG_1429IMG_1425IMG_1421IMG_1415 IMG_1427 IMG_1430

The Source AV highlighted Dan D’Agostino, Focal, and Nordost in their room:IMG_1461IMG_1458 IMG_1456IMG_1460

Mofi used Valhalla 2 Loudspeaker Cables in their system:IMG_1394

Hegel’s room sounded great using our Heimdall 2 and Blue Heaven cables:IMG_1469IMG_1463 IMG_1465 IMG_1466 IMG_1467

We always love to see Sonner Audio using Nordost cables.  This time it was Heimdall 2 and Tyr 2:IMG_1432 IMG_1433 IMG_1438

Questyle’s room used Heimdall 2 from Speaker Cables to Headphone Cables:IMG_1448IMG_1451IMG_1454

Nola always takes full advantage of their Odin 2 cables:IMG_1398 IMG_1405

Upscale Audio was spinning records in their room, which was outfitted with our Heimdall 2 cables:IMG_1447IMG_1440


High End 2017 in Munich – Recap

As always, Nordost had a great time in Munich this year seeing our wonderful friends and distributors! Attendees of The High End Show were among the first to see our exciting new ground unit, the QKORE, and really experience what it can do to a system. Guests certainly left our demonstrations with a new appreciation for how truly effective grounding can transform the music they listen to! If you weren’t able to come to Germany, here are some of our favorite photos from the show! 

The Nordost Room



The Audio Physic, Auris, X-Odos Room

IMG_1102 IMG_1105 IMG_1106

The dCS Room



Thanks to all who came out!


- Alex, Johann, Dennis, and Meredith


Nordost is headed to the Los Angeles Audio Show !


Nordost will be starting off the summer in California for the Los Angeles Audio Show, June 2-4 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel. We are excited to announce that the LA Audio Show will serve as the US premiere for a truly groundbreaking creation that Nordost will be launching at the High End 2017 Show in Munich, only weeks earlier. Visit us in room 330, where you will not only hear the cable comparisons and product demonstrations that Nordost has become known for, but will be some of the first to experience an innovative new development that will take high end audio to a new level!

Axpona 2017 Recap

Axpona 2017 was a resounding success this past weekend. Nordost always looks forward to partnering with our Chicago-based dealer, Holm Audio, to put on great demonstrations of our products for show attendees. This year, we were very lucky to be represented by so many wonderful dealers and manufacturers throughout the show. If you weren’t able to join us in Chicago, here are a few pictures from the event!  

We had a great time working with Holm Audio and Nola Speakers in the Nordost demo room.  Mike Marko was present to showcase all of our amazing products.

IMG_0476IMG_0434 IMG_0475  IMG_0477

Our cables could be heard in ALL of Holm Audio’s rooms throughout the show!
IMG_0442 IMG_0443 IMG_0445 IMG_0447 IMG_0456 IMG_0457

Audio Solutions had two wonderful systems featuring our Odin 2 and Valhalla 2 cable ranges!

IMG_0436 IMG_0494 IMG_0496 IMG_0498

MoFi sported our Valhalla 2 Speaker Cables to complete their system.

IMG_0478 IMG_0479

Playback Design also used our Valhalla 2 cables to get their room sounding its best.

IMG_0463 IMG_0467

We were thrilled that Sonner Audio decided to showcase their speaker with our Heimdall 2 cables!

IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487

Gershman Acoustics used a wide variety of Nordost in their system to great effect!

IMG_0505IMG_0500 IMG_0503

Monitor Audio’s system was also sounding fantastic with our Valhalla 2 cables.


Hegel used a number of Nordost cables in their two systems at the show.

IMG_0532IMG_0529 IMG_0531  IMG_0534

Nordost will be at High End 2017 in Munich!


Nordost is thrilled to be exhibiting at the High End 2017 show in Munich once again, held at the MOC May 18th – 21st. Every year, the High End show is a wonderful opportunity to show our customers the groundbreaking projects that we are working on: 2017 is no exception! Be sure to visit us in (Halle 4) Atrium 4, Room E114 to be the first to experience the truly astonishing advances that Nordost is bringing to the hifi audio market. As always, Nordost’s very own product trainers will be making cable comparisons and demonstrating Nordost QRT power products throughout the show. Join us in what will prove to be a very exciting and highly anticipated show for Nordost.

Come see Nordost at AXPONA 2017!

axpona logo

Nordost is pleased to be a part of Axpona this year, held at the Westin O’hare in Chigago Friday, April 21– Sunday, April 23. Visit us in room 446, and take advantage of this great opportunity to experience live demonstrations and cable comparisons, featuring Nordost’s extensive range of products. While at the show, make sure to see us at our sales booth in the Market Place to check out our special show offers on select Nordost products.

Nordost at the Sound and Vision Bristol Show – Recap

It was great to take part in another Bristol Show, the UKs longest running audio show!  This year, in the Nordost room, show goers were able to sit through several demonstrations, including Sort Kone, QRT, USB and Power Cord comparisons. Thank you to all of our friends in the industry who decided to wire their systems with Nordost cables, and to our wonderful distributor, Atacama, for representing us so well! If you weren’t able to make the show, here are a few images of Nordost cables in action throughout the weekend.  

IMG_0119IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0023 IMG_0026 IMG_0011IMG_0027 IMG_0040 IMG_0060

ELAC had their system wired with Heimdall 2:IMG_0352IMG_0179 IMG_0212

Esoteric used Valhalla 2 cables to help their room stand out:IMG_0370IMG_0251IMG_0211

Musical Fidelity used a combination of Tyr 2 and Frey 2 cables:IMG_0334IMG_0305

Quad used a wide array of Nordost cables, from our Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable to our classic Blue Heaven Power Cord:IMG_0196IMG_0192IMG_0153

F1 Audio — Nordost Event

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.32.43 AM

F1 Audio has organized a fantastic event featuring the new Dynaudio Contour speakers, Nordost cables, Octave tube electronics and Music from MoFi. 

If you’re in the Chicago area, be sure to stop by F1 Audio, this Thursday, February 23rd, starting at 4:30PM, for what is sure to be an amazing evening! 

Factory representatives will be on hand performing demonstrations and answering questions. Register for a chance to win music from MoFi records. Special pricing during the event. Refreshments will be served. 

Call or email to register:

Contact Jamie Pauls 847-772-3140

F1 Audio February Event

Thursday, February 23rd 4:30 to 8:30

311 E. Dundee Rd. Palatine, IL 60074

Contact Jamie Pauls 847-772-3140

Nordost, Dynaudio, Octave & MoFi