NOVO Reviews the Blue Heaven Power Cord

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This month, NOVO released the first part of a 3-part series, The Journey to Higher Quality Audio With Nordost Leif Cables, looking at the improvements in sound quality that result from upgrading audio cables step-by-step! Using Nordost’s Blue Heaven cables, Suave Kajko aims to show readers how to get the most out of their system for a relatively small investment. In the first installment, Suave focuses on Power Cords:

“With the Nordost Blue Heaven power cord connected to the amplifier, I was immediately rewarded with a lower noise floor and an improved sonic experience…The soundstage also expanded a little in both width and depth. This painted a sonic landscape where the instruments and vocals were further apart from each other, closer to how you would hear them in real life.”

Suave’s review is now available to read here: The Journey to Higher Quality Audio With Nordost Leif Cables

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SoundStage Australia Reviews BC Sort Kones

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This month, featured a great review on our Sort Kone resonance control devices. In his article, Edgar Kramer explored the differences that BC Kones made on his sound system. The benefits that he experienced were anything but subtle. Sort Kones even got a stamp of approval from Edgar’s wife when she called him into the sound room, immediately having noticed a mysterious improvement in the ‘realness’ of the music!

“What I thought was going to be an exercise in punishingly strained listening usually resulting in ultra-subtle differences at best, ended up being deceptively the opposite. How wrong and surprised was I.”

Edgar’s Sort Kone review is now available to read on here: Nordost Sort Kone BC Resonance Control System

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Le Magazine Son & Image reviews the QKORE

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Nordost’s QKORE has left a big impression on the hifi audio market, since the ground units were first released in May of 2017. Reviews from publications around the world describe the undeniable benefits that the QKORE brings to sound systems. The latest such review comes from Le Magazine Son & Image, where author Michel Leroux explains his experience with the QKORE:

With either the QKORE1 or QKORE3 unit in place, listening becomes engaging. There is better precision and fluidity along with a less veiled sound. A significant improvement of the sound and musical rendering emerges, an unexpected but very real effect. The results are immediate…Clarity improves across the board, very noticeable in instrumental harmonics. Vocal presence is improved, along with overall musicality from the audio system. Dynamic contrast is heightened, and a more natural and coherent rendering of sound and musical content permeates the listening room.

Michel’s review, “Benefits of Parallel Grounding”, is now available to read on the Nordost website(in both English, as well as its original French text).

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Al Griffin reviews Purple Flare for SoundStage!Access

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We love it when cable skeptics review our products. Al Griffin was wary to concentrate on cabling when first tasked by Soundstage! to review our Purple Flare Interconnects and Speaker Cables. However, after taking the time to study the impact that Nordost cables brought to his sound system, he admittedly “crossed a threshold”. The tonal separation between vocals and individual instruments, the increased clarity, and the three-dimensional quality that Purple Flare brought to the performance was undeniable.

“I heard differences almost from the get-go, and those differences were improvements: better resolution of low-level details, and better spatial definition.” 

Al’s Purple Flare review is now available to read on the Nordost website here:  Nordost’s Leif Purple Flare Speaker Cables and Interconnects 

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Chris Martens Reviews Nordost Headphone Cables for The Absolute Sound

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Since its release in 2014, the Heimdall Headphone Cable has made a tremendous impact on the performance level that customers are able to achieve while using their personal audio systems. As a result of its success, Nordost soon after introduced the Blue Heaven Headphone Cable. Years later, both cables are still receiving attention from reviewers and thought-leaders. This month, Chris Marten shared his impressions of these transformative aftermarket headphone cables in The Absolute Sound:

“The defining sonic characteristics of the Blue Heaven headphone cables are an open and airy-sounding midrange presentation with plenty of transient “snap” and definition coupled with detailed and extended highs.”

“Heimdall 2 [headphone] cables yielded several worthwhile sonic improvements, including more tautly defined but no less impactful bass, an across-the-board and evenly balanced increase in resolution, and a really impressive quality of top-to-bottom harmonic integrity.”

You can now see Chris’s headphone cable review on the Nordost website under reviews

Nordost Blue Heaven and Heimdall 2


Marc Rushton reviews Sort Kones for StereoNET

Review Banner- Sort Kone_blogThe best part of performing a product demonstration is the opportunity to turn a skeptic into a believer, or better yet… an evangelist! That is precisely what happened at the Sydney HiFi Show to StereoNET reviewer, Marc Rushton. Although he had his reservations, Nordost Sort Kones made a strong enough impression on Marc that he was motivated to hear them at home, in his own system. The results were clear:

“Track after track delivered more emotional renditions of familiar music, clearer harmonics in acoustic pieces, and an overall feeling of a system that had just found perfect phase. The width and depth of the soundstage had increased and the ever-telling foot-tapping had started.”

Marc’s Sort Kone review is now available to read on the Nordost website here: Sort Kones —A Sceptic’s Backflip

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Marc Mickelson reviews the QKORE for

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Nordost’s new QKORE products are receiving a lot of worldwide press attention. The latest review featuring these revolutionary grounding devices can be found on In his article, Marc Mickelson is very impressed with our QKORE Ground Units, and the blatant effects that they have on a sound system, remarking, “What you hear will be positive, and dead obvious, with every recording…”. While reflecting on exactly what he was hearing, he said:

“[The] purist recordings of small ensembles…made plain QKORE’s contributions, as the recording venue sounded bigger and the musicians more in-the-room present, no ‘maybe’ about it. This occurred across recordings and components, QKORE expanding musical horizons and making everything in them sound more vivid—more grounded, you could say.”

Marc’s QKORE review is now available to read on the Nordost website here:  Nordost QKORE Grounding System

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Alan Sircom reviews the QKORE for Hi-Fi+

Review Banner-QKORE_wideLast month, Nordost debuted the newest addition to its QRT range: The QKORE Ground Unit. In anticipation of this launch, Hi-Fi+ published a brilliant review, written by Alan Sircom. In his article, Alan touts the “instant, obvious, and profound” effects that the QKORE has on a sound system:

“The main effect was in the bass, which sounded significantly tighter, deeper, and more authoritative. More significantly, QKORE was like a quick lesson in ‘time coherence’, giving any sound (even speech) a more accurate sense of rhythmic beat and metre (we often just lump this together into saying it ‘times’ well). There are other benefits, too; the almost clichéd ‘darker backgrounds’ and wider soundstage with better separation of images applied here, too. The treble seemed to integrate slightly better with the midrange and bass as well, but it’s that bass and temporal correctness that wins you over. It’s like your system no longer has to apologise for itself, even if it had little to apologise for before you QKORED it!”

Alan’s QKORE review is now available to read on the Nordost website here:  Nordost QKORE ground units

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Marc Mickelson reviews the Valhalla 2 USB Cable for

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We are very pleased to share the latest review of our Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 Cable, recently published on In his review, The Necessary Link: Nordost’s Valhalla 2 USB Cable, Marc Mickelson describes the improvements that Nordost’s precision-built, American-made USB cable brought to the reproduction of his digital music:

“Valhalla 2 USB mirrors my reaction to hearing Nordost Odin cables—in the form of a single phono cable—for the first time: the sense that I was not just hearing more of the music—the finest details and the largest master strokes, all expertly integrated into the soundscape—but less of a fine background scrim that I only noticed it once it was gone.”

Read Marc’s review in its entirety here.

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Jacob Heilbrunn Reviews Odin 2 for The Absolute Sound

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We are very excited to share a remarkable review of our flagship product, Odin 2, published in The Absolute Sound. In his article, Jacob Heilbrunn was unmistakably wowed by the improvements our Supreme Reference cables brought to his system, including a lower noise floor, “startling amounts of inner detail and nuance”, and the ability to take “transient speed to a new level”. In fact, Jacob couldn’t help but complement Nordost on its job designing and manufacturing Odin 2 cables:

“Nordost deserves the highest possible commendation for building on its previous efforts to produce a statement product that is remarkable for its purity and resolution, transparency and clarity.”

You can now read Jacob’s Odin 2 review here:  Nordost Odin 2 Interconnect and Speaker Cable Supreme Reference Range — Mighty!

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