AXPONA 2024 Recap – Best Sound honors and photos from the show

After last year’s showing at Axpona 2023, we knew it would be nearly impossible to outdo ourselves in 2024. However, the results from the press and showgoers alike are in, and we are ecstatic with the results. With three Best in Show: Best Sound commendations from The Absolute Sound alone (Robert HarleyAndre Jennings, and Jonathan Valin), a Best of Axpona 2024 Blue Note Award from, as well as fantastic write-ups from Stereophile, hifi+, and several more publications, we have made the impossible happen and surpassed even our own expectations!

The Nordost room in Schaumburg F boasted a world class, reference-level system featuring Stenheim loudspeakers, components from VTL, dCS, and VPI, and, of course, audio cables, power components, and audio enhancers by Nordost. As the editor of the hi-fi+, Alan Sircom put it, this system was nothing short of “beguiling”.

Beyond the dream-worthy system waiting for them in Schaumburg F, visitors of the Nordost room were met with unique auditory experiences. On Saturday night, we hosted an after-hours listening session of Pink Flyod’s The Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here, in honor of ‘Dark Side’s 50th Anniversary. Then, on Sunday, we hosted three noteworthy events: a special listening of a test lacquer for an upcoming piano recording and talk-back with VDM Sound Group, a live saxophone performance with Jerome Sabbagh accompanied by his own recording, and a curated listening session with Qobuz!

And that’s only what happened in Schaumburg F! Nordost was also featured in over seven more, amazing systems, including our own demonstration room, Vinnie Rossi (with two more Best-of-Shows to its name!), Morel, Sonner Audio, Lumin, Holm Audio’s rooms, Antal Audio, and Music Direct!  

Here are some of our favorite snapshots from AXPONA 2024!


In Our Award Winning Room:

Nordost Throughout the Show

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