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Our product specialists receive questions on a daily basis about Nordost products, their application, and hifi in general.  With the introduction of our new QKORE Ground Units last month, we received an influx of great questions from customers.  We thought that we would take a minute to answer some of our QKORE related question here so that everyone can get the answers they are looking for!

Q: Hello, I have recently purchased one of your new QKORE Units (1 outlet to QB). I was wondering whether there is any suggestion about placement on/around the stereo rack. More specifically, does it have to be in the middle of the rack, like QX4, or can it be placed outside the rack on the floor? Since I also own a QX4, can the QKORE and the QX Unit be placed side by side?

A: QKORE units can be placed pretty much anywhere within your system; they don’t have the same placement needs as the QX Units. However, they do benefit from being on a proper shelf in your audio rack, or on Sort Kones, instead of sitting directly on the floor. To address your second question: Yes, your QKORE Unit can be placed side by side with QX4 or QX2 Units.

QKore_Front and Back

Q: I am trying to determine which QKORE would work best for my system. Would I be able to connect my QBASE Unit to my QKORE Unit if I purchase the QKORE3?

A: Our QKORE6 Unit is designed with two Low Voltage Attractor Plates, so that it can address both primary (AC) and secondary (DC) ground. The QKORE3 Unit is only intended to address one aspect of ground at a time. Therefore, if you connect your QBASE Unit to your QKORE3 simultaneously with your electronics, you will not achieve the desired effects. The benefits to your system will be much greater if you use both a QKORE1 and QKORE3, or if you purchase the QKORE6.

02-QKORE 3 backs

Q: I have an external ground rod, can I still benefit from the QKORE?

A: While the QKORE1 is especially ideal for someone looking to ground their QBASE but who does not have the opportunity to install an external ground rod, you can absolutely gain additional benefits from using QKORE Units. It’s similar to the improvements that you will see when going from a designated ground for your system to an external ground rod. Adding a QKORE to this setup will be another step-up in performance. When adding the QKORE3 or QKORE6 to your system, you will see benefits that are not addressed by an external ground, since these products also improve the secondary ground, where the audio circuit is.

lg-QRT-QKore1_with wire

Q: I read that the QKORE either comes with one or two QKORE Wires in the packaging. Why would you not provide us with all of the cables we need to set up the QKORE in our system?

A: The QKORE1 includes a 2 meter QKORE Wire with Banana to Banana terminations, the QKORE3 includes a 2 meter QKORE Wire with Banana to RCA terminations, and the QKORE6 includes one of each. However, it would be impossible to foresee which lengths and terminations would be necessary in each individual’s system. There are 18 different termination combinations available, not to mention variations in cable length.


14 thoughts on “Questions and Answers (QKORE)

  1. Hello, I have a Thor with a green ground connector on it. Can I connect a QKore to it and will it help?

    • Yes, you can use the QKORE with your Thor Unit, it will make a very nice improvement! Remember to connect your Thor unit to the “QBASE Ground” Binding post on either the QKORE1 or QKORE6.

  2. Question:
    I have power amp mono blocks, but it only has 1 input (XLR) and speaker ourlet only (no other vacant input/output).
    How to connect to Qkore 6?


    • Unfortunately, in this case, you can only address the AC side of your grounding by plugging your amps into a QBASE (or a similar power distribution product that has a grounding post). You then connect the QBase to the “QBASE GROUND” binding post on your QKORE6.

      • Thanks,
        I know that I’m not supposed to talk about other brands :), but could you please confirm if the grounding post at the back side of Shunyata Denali 6000s can be connected to QKore 1?

        Thanks again

        • Yes, in fact that is one of the great things about the QKORE. Both the QKORE1 and QKORE6 can be connected to any power strip or conditioner that has a ground post, including the Denalli 6000.

  3. Question on the supplied ground wire:
    I understand that for example Qkore 1 will be supplied with a 2 meter ground wire.
    Is it possible to get shorter cable or even to get 2 ground wires (1 meter each) with additional cost?
    The reason is that I have space constrain and would be neater to have shorter cables instead.

    Thanks in advance for the advice

  4. With a Qkore 6, after using the set of 5 posts for components, can I use the one single post for the power side
    to connect to a Shunyata Triton v3 which has 5 lugs for “Chassis grounding” (not sure if that is different than a main grounding lug)

    • Yes, you can! Only connect one of the Triton’s Chassis Ground lugs to the primary ground post of the QKORE 6.

    • After looking at the website and product manual, it looks like you can use it with the QKORE6. It’s a very different design since most amplifiers don’t have this. You could always get verification from Pass Labs that this is a DC signal ground and nothing related to chassis ground but, again, it looks good from what I can see.
      I just want to add that you should remember that you shouldn’t have multiple ground connections to any one device to a single QKORE. So, if you already have a QKORE Wire between the amp and the QKore attached to an input, for example, I’d suggest you chose one or the other.

  5. Hello
    Can the Qkore1 be used for the Furutech Pure Power distribution block?
    The pure power has a grounding post next to the IEC inlet.
    Many thanks, Edgar

    • The QKORE1 can most likely be used with the Furutech Pure Power distribution block. However, you should check with Furutech to make sure the grounding post is connected to the electrical ground and not simply chassis ground. The Qkore 1 addresses noise in the electrical ground.

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