Questions and Answers (June 2024)

Our product specialists receive questions on a daily basis about Nordost products, their applications, and hifi in general.  We decided to take a minute to share some of those questions here so that everyone can get the answers they are looking for!

Q: Do Leif 3 Cables sound good alongside their predecessors? 

A: Nordost’s Leif 3 Cables share the same basic design philosophy as all of our cables, and therefore have a cohesive sonic signature. This ensures Nordost customers that they can use their Leif 3 cables alongside any of Nordost’s previous or current lines of cables and continue to upgrade their cables as needed without drawbacks. 

Q: Are there any sonic differences between the QBASE 15/10amp and a QBASE 20/16amp models? 

A: Yes, because of the difference in construction between the two models, there are slight audible differences. The QBASE 20/16amp version, which uses an IEC C-20 option has both larger traces as well as heavier gauge internal wiring, in order to support higher current. Similar to a power cord, when you use heavier gauge conductors, there will typically be better sonic performance.  

Q: Why do cable companies recommend a minimum power cord length of 2 meters? I have seen this said at Nordost and elsewhere, but I have never understood why. 

A: A huge consideration in cable construction is how the conductor resonates. There are several factors in that equation, but one of them is the conductor length. The resonant properties of materials change, in part, due to the length of the materials. A 2m cable (where the conductors are cut to a 2m length) will resonate in more of a broad-banded fashion and sound a bit smoother than a 1m. 

Q: Because of space constraints on my audio rack, I am thinking about stacking some components. Can I place a QX4 unit on top of a QKORE that is supported by Sort Kones? 

A: Technically you can stack units that are on Sort Kones, as long as the weight of the combined units is under the recommended weight (each Sort Kone can support 100lbs). However, it isn’t recommended. You should try to avoid stacking components on top of one another while using Sort Kones, because it will minimize the effect of the Sort Kones.

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