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Choosing to listen to your music on-the-go or enjoying your two-channel system through headphones should not mean sacrificing fidelity. Nordost’s headphone cables act as an ideal conduit, allowing you to experience high fidelity sound quality through your choice of hifi headphones. From construction, to pliability, to strength, these aftermarket headphone cables cover all of the bases when it comes to portable listening. With a wide variety of termination options on both the source and the headphone end, Nordost not only has the ability to accommodate any system, but also serves the vast majority of headphones on the market.

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Blue Heaven Headphone Cable
Review (The Absolute Sound) - Blue Heaven and Heimdall 2

NORDOST BLUE HEAVEN AND HEIMDALL 2 – The Absolute Sound review

“…more tautly defined but no less impactful bass, an across-the-board and evenly balanced increase in resolution, and a really impressive quality of top-to-bottom harmonic integrity…Try these cables with your favorite headphones and see if you don’t get similar results. Highly recommended.” – Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound

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