Axpona 2017 Recap

Axpona 2017 was a resounding success this past weekend. Nordost always looks forward to partnering with our Chicago-based dealer, Holm Audio, to put on great demonstrations of our products for show attendees. This year, we were very lucky to be represented by so many wonderful dealers and manufacturers throughout the show. If you weren’t able to join us in Chicago, here are a few pictures from the event!  

We had a great time working with Holm Audio and Nola Speakers in the Nordost demo room.  Mike Marko was present to showcase all of our amazing products.

IMG_0476IMG_0434 IMG_0475  IMG_0477

Our cables could be heard in ALL of Holm Audio’s rooms throughout the show!
IMG_0442 IMG_0443 IMG_0445 IMG_0447 IMG_0456 IMG_0457

Audio Solutions had two wonderful systems featuring our Odin 2 and Valhalla 2 cable ranges!

IMG_0436 IMG_0494 IMG_0496 IMG_0498

MoFi sported our Valhalla 2 Speaker Cables to complete their system.

IMG_0478 IMG_0479

Playback Design also used our Valhalla 2 cables to get their room sounding its best.

IMG_0463 IMG_0467

We were thrilled that Sonner Audio decided to showcase their speaker with our Heimdall 2 cables!

IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487

Gershman Acoustics used a wide variety of Nordost in their system to great effect!

IMG_0505IMG_0500 IMG_0503

Monitor Audio’s system was also sounding fantastic with our Valhalla 2 cables.


Hegel used a number of Nordost cables in their two systems at the show.

IMG_0532IMG_0529 IMG_0531  IMG_0534

2 thoughts on “Axpona 2017 Recap

  1. Hello! I have some speakers Vienna acoustics imperial Liszt and I would like to put the Sort Fut, the question is if this is possible and what I would have to do to put the sort fut in my speakers!

    • Typically, we just tell potential Sort Füt buyers to check with the manufacturers of your speakers to see what thread size are required for the particular model you own. However, due to the “pass through” design that are employed for the spikes on that model it’s hard to tell. The top of the spike comes out the other side and there is a cap designed to fit on it. You would have to see if the thread is long enough to pass through and there is enough of the thread remaining for the cap to engage.

      My suggestion would be to borrow a Sort Füt from a local dealer to try on your speaker before you order them. It’s quite possible that it will work, but there isn’t a way to confirm it without having the actual speaker handy.

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