Cheap Cleaning Tips for Vinyl Lovers

As audio hobbyists, we are always looking for ways to improve the music we love, on the systems we love just as much. In this industry, hearing the word “improvement” often quickly leads to a much lighter wallet. However, not all improvements will break the bank.  

Are you a vinyl-lover? Well, people who are new to analog hifi, may be surprised to learn how transformative something as simple as keeping things clean can be.  

We aren’t being glib! All you have to do is keep your records and the stylus tip clean and you will be able to create a much better sound from the system you already own! A stylus brush and cleaning fluid are small investments and absolute must-haves for all turntable owners.  

Turntable Labs – Amazon

For your records, cleaning vinyl by hand with clean cheesecloth strips and record cleaning solution is a fast and cheap way to get the improvements you are looking for. If you have a large record collection and/or buy a lot of used vinyl, a vacuum suction RCM (Record Cleaning Machine) or an Ultra Sonic RCM can achieve professional quality results and save you some valuable time.  

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However, it isn’t only the records themselves that can benefit from some attention. Even cleaning the inner sleeves that hold your records goes a long way. All you need is an anti-static gun to keep your records in tip-top shape.  

Milty – Amazon

All of the tools mentioned above can be purchased individually but you can also pick up a complete turntable setup kit from manufacturers like Acoustic Solid and Acoustical Systems.  

For more tricks of the trade, check out “Tiny Tweaks, Big PayOffs”. Or, if vinyl is what you are most interested in, be sure to check out Nordost’s “Complete Turntable Set-Up Guide”.  

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