Dealer Spotlight: Audio Breakthroughs

By Steve Greene

With all the silly chatter about audio/hi fi specialty retailers allegedly disappearing from the marketplace, it is very refreshing to note that one Long Island, NY dealer is currently celebrating their 47th year in business!  In fact, Audio Breakthroughs of Manhasset, New York continues to flourish!  The business was initially founded by three audiophile friends, Bruce, Joel, and Dave.  Dave eventually left the business and Joel unfortunately passed away several years ago.  Overall, this family-owned business has been operated by the Clark family (Bruce as well as his son Spencer) since 1975, along with a dedicated staff of installers, front office personnel, and buyer/salesperson Stu Brustein.  We are also very proud that Audio Breakthroughs has been a very supportive and valued Authorized Nordost Dealer for nearly twenty years! 

Audio Breakthroughs offers their dedicated customer base professional and personal service and advice, ranging from affordable systems to high end audio and custom home theater installation set-ups.  Audio Breakthroughs also has a friendly non-commissioned sales staff so you will never feel pressured or rushed to make a purchase.  All your questions will be answered and your professional Audio Breakthroughs salesperson will qualify your needs by asking many pertinent questions such as the size of your room, your musical tastes, décor, and your budget.  Very important note: their installation staff is not farmed out or subcontracted (like how so many other similar organizations operate). They are all employees of Audio Breakthroughs!  Folks, this is a very big advantage, ensuring you that from start to finish, your system or installation will be expertly completed by artisans who really care about their clients, and report directly to the owners.    

While offering sophisticated audio systems, this revered retailer particularly prides themselves on being able to offer their customer base affordable stereo systems that meet any budget, no matter how small or large.  They understand the importance of connecting their customers’ selected components and speaker systems with high quality interconnects, cables, and power products, to maximize their performance.  They have been very successful, particularly with Nordost’s Leif Series and Norse 2 Series products to accomplish this goal.  Audio Breakthroughs also understands the huge benefit of demonstrating their varied lines of speakers and components in their sound rooms with Nordost cables.  You need to be able to hear components and speakers in their very best sonic light so that you will know just how good they can ultimately sound!

Audio Breakthroughs carries many fine audio (and video) lines for you to examine and listen to in one of their sound rooms.  Brands like Pass Labs, McIntosh, Focal, B&W, Mark Levinson, Marantz, Conrad Johnson, Rogue Audio, SVS, and so on.  There is plenty of free parking behind the store and you can enter the store from either the front or back just in case of inclement weather!  So, the next time you are in the metro NYC area, particularly eastern Long Island, make sure you drop in for a friendly, pressure free demo of affordable and state of the art audio gear.

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