Dealer Spotlight: HiFi Hub

By Bjorn Bengtsson

Join me in welcoming one of the newest high-end stores in the world, HiFi Hub! But don’t be fooled by its recent November launch date, there are definitely no newbies behind this massive undertaking!  

Henning Morken and Øystein Hasnes are two incredibly well-seasoned HiFi professionals with 30 years in the game between them. As with many in this industry, their journey into hifi started with a genuine interest in music: Henning’s interest relates to his background in the music industry; for Øystein, this means years of actively playing in various big bands and marching bands. The two met at one of Scandinavia’s biggest HiFi stores, where they worked together for 13 years. Recently, however, they decided to fulfill their hifi dreams– opening an establishment of their own. 

True to form, the duo fulfilled their dream with an “all or nothing” attitude and started HiFi Hub with a BANG! When you visit HiFi Hub, you’re met with a three-story villa, outfitted with five, beautifully furnished and fully equipped listening rooms. One of the great things about having five listening rooms at your disposal is that you can listen to various levels of components so that you can match your desired sound experience with your preferred price point.  

HiFi Hub is conveniently located 10 minutes from the Oslo Airport and 20 minutes from the Oslo city center, so it is easy to visit. However, Henning and Øystein completely understand the importance of auditioning audio gear in your own listening environment. To aid in that, they offer extensive opportunities for home visits to ensure well-educated equipment purchases.

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