Dealer Spotlight: Liquid Hi-Fi

By Michael Taylor

When we last looked in on Liquid Hi-Fi, down on the edge of the Charlotte NC market, Ron was humming right along. He had some of the best brands on the market— brands like Hegel, KEF, NAD, Dynaudio, Rogue Audio, Moon, and of course, Nordost cabling to connect it all. In the past few years the owner, Ron Buffington, has followed a path similar to a few other top dealers in the country by upping the game.

When Covid-19 hit and we were all semi-forced into home quarantine, we all got bit by the audio bug again too. The more everyone sat at home and listened, the more they wanted to make some system improvements! Ron started getting calls from his clients asking for even more performance and advice on products which could make that possible.

Fast forward to today and when you walk into Ron’s place to see what treasures reside there, you will still see all the well-known and trusted brands he had before, but also some new stuff that reaches the very top end of the market. These products are game changers in performance (and honestly price) — brands like YG Acoustics, Wadax, CH Precision, Boulder, and even more.

A new location for Ron also brought even more listening space, as well as improved acoustics for his clients to hear this new level of performance.  Of course, there is also plenty of Nordost Valhalla 2 and Odin 2 being used to pull those fantastic systems together!

Liquid Hi-Fi


764 Kathy Dianne Dr
Indian Land SC 29707

Contact details

Name: Ronald Buffington
Phone: (704) 953-6034

Hour Of Operation

Monday – Friday: 8:45 AM – 7 PM By Appointment
Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment

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