Dealer Spotlight: Nuts About HiFi

nuts about hifi

Nuts About HiFi has been primarily serving the Olympic Peninsula and Seattle communities packaging carefully crafted home entertainment systems. Founded in 1985, Nuts About HiFi has thirty years of vast experience in all types and configurations; two channel, multi channel or fully automated distributed systems.

Nuts about HiFi is more than just a small shop, it’s a culture of music enthusiasts whom care about their customer’s needs and the systems in which they craft. They’re extremely focused on the brands they support, having filleted and sifted through products in all categories and through this distilling process they’ve ended up with just ten brands which they call “the best of the best”. Nordost is proud to be a partner and a part of Nuts About HiFi’s offerings.

We encourage you to pick up the phone and make an appointment or just swing by.

Jim Lee

Here, Jim, Nuts About HiFi’s owner, recounts the “totally true” story of how he was drawn to HiFi:

Jim Lee’s story began in a small Inuit village just outside of Nome, Alaska. Born to a prominent Inuit spiritual chief and a Korean mother. Jim recalls his first experience with live performance, “Dad used to bless the elders when they would go out to sea to harvest walrus blubber during the winter ice freeze. He used to bang on our families six hundred year old ceremonial drum, in this case a caribou skin. I was just six years old at the time, but it was at this point which I was hooked – since then, I’ve been on a never-ending quest to recreate the authentic sound of those ancient indigenous instruments. This has been my driving force and it’s brought to where I am today, trying to find the best audio products conceivable and connect with the great Inuit elders from my past. I love you, Dad!”

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