Dealer Spotlight: Rhapsody.Audio

By Amy Hansen

Here at Nordost, we value the relationship we have with all our dealers.  In the fall of 2021, when my path crossed with Bob Visintainer of Rhapsody.Audio, who has the vision, passion, and knowledge for putting together incredible high-end audio systems, I instantly knew it would be the start of something special. That’s why this month, I’m putting the spotlight on a true one-of-a-kind.  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Bob Visintainer, of Rhapsody.Audio.

After residing on 24th Street in Manhattan for 20 years, Rhapsody.Audio moved to a beautiful residential neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY in the summer of 2021.  Now in an impressive brownstone built in 1878, the move increased the number of listening rooms from one to seven, which gives every set of speakers its own space to shine.   

Thick stone walls serve as the backdrop to brands such as Pilium electronics from Greece, AlsyVox ribbon speakers from Spain, Kondo electronics from Japan, Deisis Audio speakers from Italy, Bayz Audio omnidirectional speakers from Hungary, Taiko Audio products from the Netherlands, Constellation from the USA, V.Y.G.E.R. Turntables from Italy, Magico (check out the M9’s now available for audition!) and Raidho speakers from Denmark, all wired with Nordost cables — A true feast for the eyes and ears.

During the great undertaking of relocating his business, Bob had the idea of creating Rhapsody Listening Rooms (R.L.R.’s) around the country. These listening rooms allow people across the country to now hear the exotic products that they may have only had a chance to hear at shows. 

Speaking of shows, Bob and Zoltan Bay of Bayz Audio were exhibiting on the 16th floor at Axpona 2022 with Pilium amps and Nordost Odin 2 cabling. I was not the only one who they impressed, as they were chosen to be Best of Axpona 2022 by Enjoy the and noted as one of the best by The Absolute Sound

Despite industry hurdles, like Covid, price increases, and delayed wait times, Bob continues to bring clients the magic and synergy he creates at Rhapsody.Audio in their own homes. 

Visiting Rhapsody.Audio, which is by appointment only, is an amazing musical experience I’ve been privileged to have more than once, and with only a 4-hour drive between us, I hope to have many more. 

Rhapsody Audio

1 S Portland Ave #1A, Brooklyn, NY 11217

(212) 229-1842

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