Hi-Fi Choice Reviews Nordost’s Heimdall 2 Tonearm Cable +

Nordost’s re-engineered Tonearm Cable + recently received some attention from Hi-fi Choice. Reviewer, Neville Roberts, gave the Heimdall 2 Tonearm Cable + a “Five Star” rating, praising the energetic and refined attributes that the new cable brought to the performance of his analog system. 

“The instrument focus and clarity are both excellent and the soundstage is expansive…the bass is powerful and punchy and the drums and hi-hats are crisp, tight and engaging. The great energy is splendidly conveyed and the instrument focus of the hi-hats is particularly well defined.” – Neville Roberts, Hi-Fi Choice. 

You can read Neville’s review in its entirety HERE.

You can find this review and more great Nordost reviews on our Reviews Page.

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