How to Upgrade your Amplifier

As hifi enthusiasts, we shell out big money in order to purchase the components that will give us the best possible sound. A lot of deliberation goes into our purchases: design philosophy, technical specifications, build quality, ease of use, cohesion, aesthetics, budget… These pre-purchase considerations are very important in order to determine the right fit for our systems. But did you know that your consideration shouldn’t stop at the purchase?

Nordost provides several tools that ensure you maximize the potential of your new component. These include the audio cables and accessories that create the basis and foundation upon which high-end systems need to be built. 

Let’s say that after doing your due diligence of researching and demoing various options, you’ve purchased an amplifier. You have lived with your amplifier in your system for a few months. You have become familiar with its characteristics and have identified the benefits it brings to your hifi system. Now it’s time to see what that component can really do when you give it the best chance to flex its muscles.  

To maximize your amplifier… consider upgrading the following (all of which can be found at your local Nordost dealer 😉) : 

Power Cord: It is crucial that you run your components with the best AC cables available. Nordost’s power cords are optimally designed and use proprietary technology so that current is not limited, noise is reduced, and amplifier output is cleaner and more dynamic.

Interconnects A thoughtfully designed and meticulously built analog interconnect enhances signal transfer between your audio components with as little loss as possible. Nordost’s precision engineering and top-notch materials preserve the integrity of the audio signal, resulting in improved clarity, detail, and musicality.

Speaker Cables: Nordost’s signature flat cable design eliminates strand interaction, optimizes mechanical resonances, and decreases skin effect, making drastic improvements in system performance. Introducing this upgrade will minimize signal degradation, enhancing the overall coherence of your music.

Resonance control (aka Sort Kones!): Due to their very nature, amplifiers generate a tremendous amount of internal vibrations, which are incredibly damaging to their audible performance. Nordost’s Sort Kones are a game-changer. These remarkable mechanical diodes drain all vibrations from your device to outstanding sonic effect.

2 thoughts on “How to Upgrade your Amplifier

  1. Hi,

    Im Nordost client for few years. In my system i had XLR and speaker cables TYR2, one Tyr2 Power cord from the wall to the Q8MK2 and QV2. For the dac and amp i had the Heimdall2 power cords and the internet cable from the router to the dac.

    I did this month the up-grade on power cables, i bought a Odin 1 brand new and a new Tyr2, that way the Odin is from the wall to the Q8 and then the 2 Tyr2 power cord to the amp and Dac.

    Now, will i get bigger performance if change the power cables to the Valhalla 2 to the amp and dac or if i take care of the grounding?

    What i have in mind is to at the end have the Odin to the Q8, Valhalla 2 power to the amp and dac and first up-grade the XLR to the Odin2 and then the speaker cable also to Odin2.

    • The answer to this specific question is to address the ground. In the comparison between Tyr 2 power and V2 power and adding the grounding element, go with the ground. It impacts the entire systems noise floor, is less in cost to you, and removes another noise element to the system.

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