Are Nordost Cables Worth the Upgrade? HiFi Manufacturers Think So!

Some people make the argument that cables don’t matter. They ask the question, “If the component I buy comes with all the cables it needs to run included, why wouldn’t I just use the cables that come in the box for free?”

It’s true, many of the audio devices you purchase may come with cables included. Unfortunately, the cables that are typically provided are not the ideal options for the components they are paired with. Many hifi manufacturers are pressured to meet a certain price-point when releasing a product to market, which really limits the cables they are willing to supply in the box. They believe that they are best served putting all of their resources towards the electronics themselves, instead of the power cords or linking cables which make the components run. In most cases, cables are simply supplied with components so that the components can be used immediately. However, when used with these standard cables, performance suffers.

Manufacturers know that what they provide for free with your purchase isn’t the best choice. Need proof? The next time you attend a hifi show, take a moment to look behind the systems in your favorite manufacturers’ rooms. That’s what we do! You’ll notice that the cables they choose to use when they’re trying to make a good impression are not the standard black cords they give away…they use Nordost!

When showcasing their products, many of the manufacturers you love use Nordost products to show their components in the best light possible. You should do the same with the carefully chosen components in your home system! Just because, for the sake of convenience, manufacturers are forced to make compromises in what they supply, doesn’t mean that your system should be limited by the “standard” cabling that they can afford to provide in the box for free! Upgrade your system with Nordost to make sure your system is living up to its performance potential.

Curious about why audio cables are so important? Find out what audio cables do, which aspects of cable design impact performance, and which cables should be upgraded first HERE.

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