Nordost at CES 2016 Recap

Nordost started the year once again at CES. As always, CES is a great time to catch up with dealers from all over the US, and our international distributors. It is also a wonderful opportunity to introduce new products. This year we introduced our Tyr 2 Digital 75 and 110 Ohm cables, our first two Ethernet cables in our Heimdall 2 and Blue Heaven ranges, and our Blue Heaven Headphone Cable. In addition to the new products that were featured in our room, CES attendees were able to see several Nordost products in systems throughout the show.


The Nordost Room:


L1030777zz L1030780zz

L1030781zz L1030782zz


Our Headphone Cables were also on display, including our new Blue Heaven model:


IMG_4723 IMG_4719

Our Pro Audio Ax Angel cables were on display:


Nordost cables were also used throughout the show in many fantastic systems!

VTL’s system used Odin 2: IMG_4782


TAD used Tyr 2 cables:

IMG_4751 IMG_4755 IMG_4758

Nola’s system used Odin 2 and QRT:

IMG_4777 IMG_4779

Hegel’s room used Heimdall 2, Blue Heaven, QRT and Sort Kones:




Thanks to everyone who came out!  Including Graham Nash!




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