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Nordost is always thrilled to receive and share glowing reviews from journalists and experts in the industry. However, when we get testimonials from our devoted and satisfied customers, it means that much more!

Thank you to Michael from Wisconsin for taking us through his Nordost progression from Frey 2 all the way up to Odin Gold! We love to hear how our products have impacted his system and are happy to join him on his audio journey. 

My journey with my 2 Channel room started with some Frey 2, then I slowly mixed in Tyr 2 and Valhalla 2.   At first, Shawn, from Da Vinci Media, sent demo cables so I could hear if they improved my system’s sound.  Eventually I just skipped the demo process and went straight to purchasing cables with confidence.  I eagerly awaited each arrival to hear just what the sound improvement would be this time around.  Then came the big jump to Odin, but with the twist of a full loom experience.  I did not realize just how impactful a full loom was until I heard it myself in my system – WOW!  Over time I eventually ended up with a full loom of Odin 2 that improved the sound exponentially.  I recently added an Odin Gold root power cable that resulted in amazing system wide improvements. That one cable made my whole system sound even more natural with even more of a feeling of ‘being there’. 

With great results I slowly added QKores, QSources w/ QPoints, Sort Fut, QK1’s, QV2’s, QX4’s, Sort Kones, and Sort Lifts along the way. In particular, the QKore grounding was very impressive indeed. Each addition improved my sound incrementally – some more than others but always something – however the overall total effect added up to a major whole system sound improvement! The system is located in a newly refreshed 2 Channel room that creates an environment for my system to blossom into something very special. Lastly a custom audio rack was designed with a 3-layer shelf construction all supported with Sort Fut for outstanding component isolation.

Sonically what do I hear now? A very, very dark background for starters, creating an important critical foundation to build my system around. Tons of detail, smoothness, great dynamics, instrument and vocal separation and transparency. Very life like sound with no harshness creating a sound that you can listen to for hours on end. My transparently integrated subs add deep, impactful and textured bass that you can feel. The Martin Logan CLX’s electrostats are extremely fast but Nordost cables handle them with ease.

As with most Audiophiles we never rest for long. At some future point I may move on with new additions but my ‘Nordost component’ is here to stay for sure. However, that is not to say that more Odin Gold could certainly be in my future!!   

My Multimedia room was the beneficiary of various ‘cast offs’ from the 2 Channel room. I have the Odin root to QB8 feeding the Anthem AVM 90 and Legacy iV3 amp powered by Valhalla 2. The rest is mainly Tyr 2 with some Heimdall for the surrounds and ATMOS. This is a great system for general TV viewing but particularly for movies and DVD concerts. This room by any measure has outstanding sound that many would be thrilled to own as their main system. Great dynamics and clarity! When listening to movies or concerts you feel and hear how combining great audio with a stunning OLED display can transport you to being there instead of just watching from a distance. 

Michael uses: Odin GoldOdin 2Valhalla 2Tyr 2Heimdall 2QRT, and Sort Systems

Nordost Dealer: Da Vinci Media

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