Nordost Stands and Kones give your components the support they deserve!

You’ve done the research. You’ve found the equipment to match the system of your dreams. You’ve put in the hours of thoughtful, room-specific set up. You’ve even invested in the foundation of your system, paying attention to the cables and power products that make you components sing. You are SO CLOSE to perfection you can almost taste [or pointedly, hear] it. What’s missing? Support!  

Nordost Sort Kones are the secret weapon in the battle against damaging vibration. These directly coupled, mechanically tuned resonance control devices effectively wick electrical components of harmful internal vibrations, correcting timing errors and distortions that may be occurring within your devices. Once engaged, Sort Kones provide a “blacker” background to your system, imparting stronger focus, more transparency, and greater dynamic range.  

Sort Kones are a comprehensive tool — they can be used with virtually all components. However, when developing our own components, Nordost has taken the chance to offer an extra level of customization…

Enter, Nordost’s QRT Stand Mount and QNET Stand. The QRT Stand Mount serves as a crucial foundation for optimizing the performance of the QSOURCE and QBASE, while the QNET Stand serves the same purpose for the QNET. These stands provide a stable, level, isolated platform, custom fitted for Nordost Sort Kones, that is especially needed in high-end systems that rely on cables which are heavy with the weight of technology and sonic potential!  

The QRT Stand Mount and QNET Stand are integral design elements of their QRT counterparts, seamlessly pairing with Sort Kones, and completing Nordost’s vision for optimal performance with a holistic approach to audio support.  

Don’t let your components stand alone any longer!  

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