Questions and Answers (December 2015)

Our product specialists receive questions on a daily basis about Nordost products, their application, and hifi in general.  We thought that we would take a minute to share some of our most recent and frequently asked questions here so that everyone can get the answers they are looking for!

Q: I saw a picture of the Nordost room at one of the trade shows that you were exhibiting at last year and noticed something on the bottom of the loudspeakers you were using. Are those similar to the Kones that you produce? Do they work under all loudspeakers?

A: The devices that you saw in our demonstration system attached to the bottom of the loudspeakers are our Sort Füt. The Sort Füt, like our Sort Kone, is a resonance control device and it is based on the same principles. The Sort Füt and Sort Kone address both internal and external vibrations. They allow the vibrations generated within audio components (and in the Sort Füt’s case, loudspeakers and audio racks) to be drained out through ceramic ball-bearings which act like mechanical diodes, without letting external vibrations in. What distinguishes the Sort Füt from the Sort Kone is that the Sort Füt is constructed with three ceramic balls to deal with the extra weight of, and vibration created by loudspeakers. The Sort Füt also includes a threaded rod to attach itself to the loudspeaker. While components simply rest on the point of the Sort Kone, it is important that loudspeakers and audio racks be attached to the Sort Füt for added stability. Nordost provides three standard thread sizes which accommodate a majority of loudspeakers and audio racks on the market. However, there is a complete list of additional threads which can be ordered if needed.  Sort Füt 1

Q: I have run out of room on my QB8 unit. I would like to purchase another one, but I want to know if there is a way that I can connect those two units?

A: Yes, we often “daisy chain” our QB8 units at trade shows so that we can take advantage of our QK1 and QV2 units. The best way to connect multiple QB8 units is to plug the first one into the wall, using the best possible power cord. Then you connect the second unit directly to the outlet labeled “Primary Earth”.

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Q: I am very pleased with the result of my new Nordost purchase, but I want to make sure that they stay in the best condition possible. What techniques should I use to maintain my Nordost cables?

A: You will be happy to know that the longer you have your cables, the better they will perform. If you follow our blog, you will already be familiar with the importance of cable burn in. Burning in your brand new cables on the Nordost Vidar machine will allow you to get the best results from your purchase. By using extremely wide bandwidth signal as well as a range of both ultra-low and high frequency sweeps, the Vidar stresses the conductors, neutralizes charges, improves the way that signals pass through metal and  ultrasonically conditions the surface of the conductors. It is these changes in both the conductor and insulation material that refine performance in audio cables. The same goes with periodical burn in maintenance. Even though you may use your cables every day, electrical equipment can experience current leakage, which gives a charge to your cables. By having your cables treated with the Vidar, you are conditioning them and allowing the charges to neutralize once again.

The second maintenance that I would recommend for your cables is using Anti-Static Treatment. Products like Nordost’s Eco 3X stop the slow build-up of static charge (which happens at an even faster rate in the winter months) that can negatively affect the performance of your audio equipment. Just use Eco 3X on your cable jacket and you will find a noticeable difference in the liveliness and clarity of your system’s performance.

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Q: I am considering a cable upgrade for my system, but I don’t want to commit to replacing everything at once. Which cables should I start with?

A: I would recommend starting your cable upgrade with the most important cable in your system, which would be the power cord that feeds your entire system (from your wall to your distribution block).


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