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The QBASE Reference is Nordost’s most sophisticated, all-encompassing power solution to date. This multi-faceted, reference-level AC distribution unit operates as a filter-less alternative to power conditioners, delivering clean, uncompromised power without imparting its own sonic characteristics on performance or limiting AC current. When any product of this caliber enters the scene, there are questions. We wanted to address some of the most frequently asked questions here so that you can find your answers in one place! 

Q: Is the QBASE REFERENCE an AC conditioner?

A: No. Unlike traditional power conditioners that may limit bandwidth and compress dynamics, the QBASE Reference uses parallel passive and active technologies to prevent distortion and reduce noise. This completely filter-less approach mitigates system noise while enhancing dynamics and maintaining bandwidth. 

Q: How does the QBASE Reference differ from the QBASE Mark III? 

A: Like the QBASE Mark III, the QBASE Reference is, at its core, a passive distribution component that uses star-earth topology to direct the signal and ground paths of system components to minimize the noise floor.  But it’s much more than that. 

In the QBASE Reference, we have added a dual primary earth design to our star earth topology, which is a first in our line. We have also upgraded the internal monofilament wiring and enhanced the board traces over those in the QB8, to allow the QBASE Reference to handle more current.  Another benefit to the QBASE Reference is the addition of more outlets, power cord connector supports, and even built-in, resonance control, Sort Supports.  However it is the internal enhancements that account for the extreme noise elimination accomplished by the QBASE Reference, and that is achieved through the addition of multiple internal QSINE and QWAVE devices and specifically optimized QPOINT technology. 

Q: How should I position the QBASE Reference in my sound system? 

A: Place the QBASE Reference on a stable, solid surface, ideally on a dedicated shelf of an audio rack or an amp stand. From there, you can easily adjust its Sort Supports to ensure that the component is level during use.

Q: What can I expect to hear when auditioning the QBASE Reference? 

A: • Overall frequency response from bass to unrestricted upper frequencies

— • Enhanced dynamic response 

— • Improved tonal balance

— • Increased dimensionality of the soundstage 

— • Massive reduction of background noise 

3 thoughts on “Questions & Answers: QBASE Reference

  1. Good morning.
    I have a dcs dac and clock connect to the dac.
    should I use the “double” primary earth configuration for connect this device or not ?
    Thanks in advance

    • No, the clock wouldn’t be considered a preamp so only the preamp (DAC if you are using it as a preamp) would use the primary earth socket.

  2. I have a dcs rossini apex dac and a clock.
    Can i use the two primary earth for connect it or is not necessary ?

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