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Leif Blue Heaven


Nordost’s Blue Heaven range is the third tier in our entry-level, Leif family. A reference amongst affordably priced audio cables, the Blue Heaven range has made a big impact on music enthusiasts and has been converting hifi novices into audiophiles for years.

Blue Heaven cables incorporate Nordost’s core cable design, including silver-plated, solid core conductors and their innovative FEP extrusion process as well as integrating patented Micro Mono-Filament technology in its power and digital interconnect cables. This combination provides a near perfect virtual air dielectric with excellent mechanical damping. Thanks to such precise and advanced engineering, listeners are able to enjoy both the subtle nuances and explosive dynamics captured in a recording that would otherwise be lost in transmission.

Our extensive Blue Heaven range allows consumers to maintain a consistent sonic signature and design philosophy throughout an entire system. Whether you are seeking audio, video, personal or portable cables, Blue Heaven has the solution. Only Blue Heaven cables will enable you to reap this caliber of superior performance out of each one of your components at such a reasonable price point.

Leif Blue Heaven Power Cord

Leif Blue Heaven Analog Interconnect

Leif Subwoofer Cable

Leif Blue Heaven iKable

Leif Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable +

Blue Heaven Headphone Cable

Blue Heaven Ethernet Cable

Leif Blue Heaven Digital Interconnect

Leif Blue Heaven USB Cable

Leif Blue Heaven HDMI Cable

Leif Blue Heaven Speaker Cable

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Blue Heaven Brochure

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