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Purple Flare


Nordost’s Purple Flare range is the second tier in our entry-level, Leif family. Purple Flare cables use Nordost’s core cable design, including silver-plated, solid core conductors and FEP extrusion as well as integrating patented Micro Mono-Filament technology for enhanced signal transfer speed and accuracy. Wired with a loom of Purple Flare cables, your sound system will begin to take shape, providing you with a sense of coherency and precision that is unattainable with standard cabling.

Nordost Purple Flare - 2020 The Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice
Nordost Purple Flare - Soundstage!
 Product Of The Year 2017

Leif Purple Flare Power Cord

Leif Purple Flare Analog Interconnect

Purple Flare USB

Leif Purple Flare Speaker Cable

Norse 2 Brochure


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Purple Flare Review

REVIEW: | Nordost Purple Flare Cable - My Blue Heaven

Neil Gader| | The Absolute Sound | October 2013