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When looking for the perfect installation cable to use in setting up a home sound system three areas must be addressed: durability, discrete placement, and performance. Nordost Leifstyle installation cables are purpose-built with all three criteria in mind.

Designed for under-carpet, in-wall or even underground placement, these cables are built to last. Available in an extremely wide variety of lengths these cables will always be able to accommodate any job, and their extreme flexibility ensures easy placement. But while your Leifstyle cables may not be seen once installed, they will certainly be heard with clarity! Leifsyle installation cables follow Nordost’s unique and simplistic cable philosophy: cables are connections, not filters, so that you are left with an impression of the music, not of the cabling. 

Leifstyle 14-2 Flat Speaker Cable

Leifstyle 2 Flat Speaker Cable

Leifstyle 4 Flat Speaker Cable

Super Flatline Speaker Cable

Nordost Range Guide


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