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Sort Lift


Nordost’s Sort Lift® is the preeminent cable support in the consumer electronics industry, and is the latest addition to our Sort System. By utilizing a patent pending floating spring design, the Sort Lift® enhances the sonic performance of loudspeaker cables, power cords, and interconnects, by minimizing the points of contact that cables make with the ground and reducing boundary effects, without negatively affecting the resonant properties of the cables themselves.
The Sort Lift® is composed of two integral components: the base and the springs. The base is a stable, anodized, aluminum disk, designed to inhibit any transference of electrical charge from the floor to the cable and eliminate static build-up on the dielectric itself. This base supports the proprietary Floating Spring System. The Floating Spring System uses a flexible, titanium alloy spring-wire, which makes up both the support wings and tension wire supports. In both elements, the alloy wire is coated in FEP, mirroring the design of Nordost cables and making the supports an extension of the cable jacket, eliminating any electrical interference, while allowing the cables to maintain their natural resonance properties.
Sort Lifts® are provided in packs of two. They are intended to be spaced between 0.5 and 1 meter apart in distance, so that the cable does not come in contact with the floor. The spacing may depend on the weight and flexibility of the cable being supported. While designed to be used primarily with Nordost cables, any audio cable will benefit from using the Sort Lift®. Noticeable effects include an elevated sound stage, improved dynamic range, increased detail in low frequency reproductions and more natural timbre to the sound.

•  Proprietary Floating Spring System uses titanium alloy and FEP coating

•  Anodized aluminum base

•  Reduces boundary effects and electrical interference 

•  Inhibits transference of electrical charge and rids the dielectric of static build-up

•  Elevates sound stage, improves dynamic range, and increases detail in low frequency reproductions

Total height: 84mm
Diameter: 100mm
Cable height off of floor: 24mm



"...greater sonic ease and less edginess, an improvement in subtle detail retrieval, and more coherent dynamics. Music just sounded more focused and less jumbled, as if small timing errors had been corrected...Sor Füt helped ratchet up my system's performance across the board without any apparent downsides.”

— Kirk Midtskog, The Absolute Sound


"With all these Sort components in place, the system is really cookin’. So, it’s time to take them all away and see what happens. Then it’s almost immediately time to put them all back in, because taking them out was such a shock to the system: both yours and the electronics. What was cookin’ is now stale. The unSorted sound is like your system on a bad hair day. The soundstage seems to fold in on itself, the natural sense of harmonic overtones, and sense of musical structure to the sound has weakened. It’s just not all there!"

– Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+


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