AXPONA 2019 Recap

Axpona 2019 was a massive success for Nordost and all of our partners. This year, we were proud to treat attendees to a reference system featuring our Odin 2 cables, that showed music lovers what real synergy in a hifi system sounds like. Or as reviewer Jason Victor Serinus from Stereophile said, “OMG, it’s music…So much of what I’ve missed at this show is here.”

Thank you to all of our friends in the industry who chose to show what their products are capable of by using Nordost cables and power products. And a special thank you to the show-goers who attended the Nordost demos in the Holm Audio room, who took the time to learn, first hand, how quality cables can make a difference in a home sound system.

Please enjoy these photos from the show!

Nordost’s reference room featuring products from VTL, Stenheim, dCS, and VPI

Holm Audio’s Nordost demonstration room 

Holm Audio with Audio-Technica/DALI Speakers/Rogue Audio/Sony/VPI Industries

Holm Audio with Bluesound/DALI Speakers/NAD/PSB Speakers

Holm Audio with Questyle and Revel Speakers

Gershman Acoustics with VAC and VPI (Winner of Positive Feedback’s Audio Oasis! Award)


Cambridge Audio


VANA/Audio Physic/European Audio Team/Okki Nokki


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