Chris Martens Reviews Nordost Headphone Cables for The Absolute Sound

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Since its release in 2014, the Heimdall Headphone Cable has made a tremendous impact on the performance level that customers are able to achieve while using their personal audio systems. As a result of its success, Nordost soon after introduced the Blue Heaven Headphone Cable. Years later, both cables are still receiving attention from reviewers and thought-leaders. This month, Chris Marten shared his impressions of these transformative aftermarket headphone cables in The Absolute Sound:

“The defining sonic characteristics of the Blue Heaven headphone cables are an open and airy-sounding midrange presentation with plenty of transient “snap” and definition coupled with detailed and extended highs.”

“Heimdall 2 [headphone] cables yielded several worthwhile sonic improvements, including more tautly defined but no less impactful bass, an across-the-board and evenly balanced increase in resolution, and a really impressive quality of top-to-bottom harmonic integrity.”

You can now see Chris’s headphone cable review on the Nordost website under reviews

Nordost Blue Heaven and Heimdall 2


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