Audiophilia Reviews Frey 2

We are happy to share that our Frey 2 cables have received some much deserved attention this month! In a glowing review, Anthony Kershaw of, spoke to the benefits that a Frey 2 loom brought to his sound system. In his article, Anthony applauded Frey 2’s synergy and loved how our cables “got out of the way of the music”. 

“The Frey 2’s performance and general neutral and happy nature never disappointed. And they were wonderful in all sorts of repertoire from grandiloquent to introspective.” – Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

You can now read Audiophilia’s review here: Nordost Frey 2 Speaker Cables, Interconnects and Power Cords

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Positive Feedback Reviews Nordost’s QKOIL and QVIBE

As usual, when people find something that works, they can’t help but come back for more! That is exactly what happened with Positive Feedback’s Marshall Nack. After being blown away by both our QKORE and QBASE, Marshall couldn’t wait to see what else our QRT technology had in store. In his most recent review, Marshall dives into the world of the QVIBE and QKOIL. He was initially skeptical when presented with these convenient system tweaks. Could they really provide assistance to both the bass and treble while enhancing overtones and helping the dimensionality and specificity of soundstaging? Marshall found that the QV2 and QK1 not only made good on their promises, but “produced the kind of sound that audiophiles dream about”! 

“There’s no doubt the QV2s give you a generous mid-and-upper-bass assist, and the QK1s round and flesh out the treble range. From the hefty, well-defined low-end into the clear mids and the soft-edged, non-abrasive highs, frequency response and tone are beautifully rendered. The palpable illusion of instruments present is happening in the way the best audio systems do it.” — Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback

You can now read Positive Feedback’s review here:  A Pair of Tweaks from Nordost QVIBE and QKOIL

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NOVO Reviews Nordost’s QKOIL and QVIBE

The final installment of NOVO’s 3-Part QRT review is here! Part 3 concentrates on our QVIBE AC Line Harmonizers and QKOIL AC Enhancers. In his most recent article, reviewer George de Sa systematically adds the QV2 and QK1 to his system, focusing on the improvements each one brings to the music. With the QV2, he notices a dramatic distinction in spacial awareness and details, imparting a substantial “lift in the level of realism”. The QK1, on the other hand, focuses on the music’s speed, offering “more clarity, speed and punch to the percussion”. Together, these symbiotic products are the perfect finishing touch to any hifi system: 

“…bringing them together was another experience unto itself. With all four (two Qv2s and two QK1s) plugged into the QBASE, the best of both was achieved. There was greater warmth, yet also greater focus and pace. There was an increased sense of naturalness but also a greater measure of dynamics. And then, there was a significant increase in three-dimensional imaging and separation.” – George de Sa

You can now read all three of George’s QRT pieces here:




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The Absolute Sound Reviews Nordost’s Tyr 2 cable range

The Absolute Sound has published another fabulous Nordost review! In this most recent article, Nordost Tyr 2 Interconnect, Speaker, and Power Cables: Transparency, Purity, Texture, Wayne Garcia experiments with a full loom of Tyr 2 cables. No matter the genre of music he listened to, our Try 2 cables succeeded in convincing Wayne that he was listening to the “real thing”, his system vanishing so that he was left enjoying just the music. 

“…transparency, precision, purity, depth, texture, openness, expansiveness…Nordost’s Tyr 2 loom brings all of this and more to the listening experience. Yet as I wrap up these throughs another word now pops to mind …transformative. That is perhaps the ultimate thing I can say about any experience. It takes us to another place, another level of understanding—and, in this case, another level of long-term musical pleasure.” – Wayne Garcia, TAS

 You can now read Wayne’s full review here: Nordost Tyr 2 Interconnect, Speaker, and Power Cables: Transparency, Purity, Texture

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Positive Feedback Reviews the Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable +

Our recent tonearm cable upgrade has had reviewers eager for the opportunity to check out how the new internal design and revolutionary grounding options will impact their analog listening. This month, Positive Feedback’s Michael Corsentino introduced the Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable + into his system. While it may be Nordost’s entry level tonearm cable, the results were truly impressive! There is no doubt that Michael will want to know what will happen as he upgrades throughout our line of Tonearm Cable + offerings.

“With the Blue Heaven installed music had substantially more clarity, more detail, more refinement, more dynamic contrast, and more musicality. And, as mentioned above, hum gone in a flash! … the Blue Heaven made an appreciably positive difference, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I have no hesitation recommending it as a worthwhile upgrade. Once you’ve heard the difference, I doubt you’ll go back to your previous cable: I know I’m not!”

– Michael Corsentino 

You can now read Michael’s full review here: Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable +

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Positive Feedback reviews the QKORE

Nordost is happy to share yet another glowing review of our QKORE Ground Units. In this review, Positive Feedback’s Marshall Nack introduced QKORE to his system to find that it straightened out frequency balance, gained body and density in his system’s low end, and exposed a variety of accents and dynamic markings in his music. In fact, the sonic improvements that Marshall achieved in adding the QKORE to his system exceeded his expectations: 

“In advance of installing the QKORE Ground Units, I had imagined what such a product might accomplish. Those daydreams were prophetic—the only surprise was how significant it turned out to be…  it did more to improve my sound than any alternative I can think of at that price.” – Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback. 

You can read Marshall’s review in its entirety here, or check out more great reviews on our reviews page!

NOVO Reviews the QKORE

Part II of our QRT Products Review is live on NOVO! In his second segment, reviewer George de Sa focuses on the effects of our QKORE Ground Units. George confidently suggests that everyone should demo this revolutionary product for themselves, saying that if achieving the full potential of your system was the goal, an audition would be well worth your time!

“…the Nordost QRT QKORE6 and QKORE Wires provided enhanced benefits on a scale I would be hard-pressed to live without; benefits that could not be described as anything-less-than significant.”

You can read the entirety of George’s QKORE review on NOVO: NORDOST QRT Power Products Review. Part 2 of 3: QKORE Ground Unit and QKORE Wires

To catch up on Part I of the three-part QRT review, you can read what George had to say about the QX4 Power Purifier HERE.As always, you can find both segments, as well as countless other product reviews on the Reviews Page of the Nordost website.

The Sound Advocate reviews White Lightning

Nordost’s first review of 2020 focuses on our introductory cable range, White Lightning. In his review for The Sound Advocate, Howard Milstein was shocked at the “entry-level” status of these fantastic cables. Judging by the build quality and musicality, Howard dubbed them “the greatest buy in audio cables today!” 


“So impressed was I with the White Lightning cable that within the first week of continuous auditioning, I definitely thought that they were sounding quite like some cables I have recently tried retailing upwards of $2,000 a pair!  In fact, the White Lightning was stealing the show from a handful of cables I had auditioned in the past 8 months or so! In reality, not one of them “took me by surprise” as the White Lightnings did.”

– Howard Milstein, The Sound Advocate


Nordost has more to offer than the exclusionary, reference-level products that we are best known for. Our products are designed to complement all systems– from the highest-end to the most modest. The White Lightning range is proof of that. 


You can now read Howard’s full review here: Nordost ‘LIEF’ White Lightning Cable Package

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Hi-Fi+ Reviews the Purple Flare USB Cable

When Michael Mercer from Hi-Fi+ reviewed Nordost’s Purple Flare USB Cable, he was so impressed that he nominated it for the Digital Audio Cable of the Year (an award that it won, of course!). While the Purple Flare USB Cable is Nordost’s entry-level USB cable, the only thing entry-level about it is its price-point.

“Transparency and coherence are the name of the game with Purple Flare USB. Hi-hats glisten and dissipate effortlessly into a black background. Drums are authoritative and lifelike. Vocals are realistically rendered in size and tonality. Transients race across the soundstage with precision and flare (pun intended). Purple Flare gives you top-tier performance at an incredibly affordable price.” – Michael Mercer, HiFi+

As the only USB cable in Nordost’s line-up to offer Standard A (2.0) or Standard B (2.0) to Mini B (2.0) or Micro B (2.0) termination options, they are the perfect solution for hifi audio enthusiasts trying to accommodate DACs that require micro-B and mini-B connectors!

Michael’s review is available to read here:  Nordost Purple Flare USB Cable

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Hi-Fi+ Reviews the QPOINT and QSOURCE

When the QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer and the QSOURCE Linear Power Supply were introduced to the public in Spring of this year, there was already a line of people waiting to get their hands on these innovative new products. The first in line was Alan Sircom. In his review, freshly published in Hi-Fi+, Alan describes his experience integrating both the QPOINT and the QSOURCE into his system. Sircom likens our new QRT products to the “cherry on top” of your system.

“The music sounds more ‘right’ and musicians sound more like they are playing together with QPoints in place…you tend to notice an increased sense of dynamic freedom to the sound.”  – Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

Alan’s QPOINT and QSOURCE review is now available to read here:  Nordost QPOINT harmonisers and QSOURCE power supply 

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