DAR Reviews the Nordost Purple Flare Power Cord

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This past January, at CES, reviewer John Darko of DAR became interested in our Purple Flare Power Cord. He was specifically curious how our cable would impact the quality of his Sonos Connect. Last month, he shared his upgrade experience with his readers on Digital Audio Review.

“Cutting to the chase: the Nordost cable sounds better. It shines a light into music’s murkier corners exposing greater subtleties, most notably lengthening the tail of each piano note’s natural decay.. And yet, paradoxically, the additional intensity brought by the Nordost wire also sounded more relaxed. Joining the dots between amped up fervor and greater repose is our third qualitative descriptor: effortlessness.”—John Darko

You can now read John’s full article here: Spruce Up Your Sonos Connect With Nordost’s Purple Flare

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