Dealer Spotlight: Liquid Sound

  By Bruno de Lorimier

Close to the University of British Columbia and located in West Point Grey, Liquid Sound is a must for those looking for a unique audio and video experience.  Whether you are a local, or are just visiting scenic Vancouver, Liquid Sound is worth the visit.

The store, which opened its doors to the public about six years ago, is owned and operated by debonair gentleman, Daniel Mendes.  Other members of the team are Philip Meyburgh and Lorenzo Sever, who both have a ton of experience and A/V knowledge, each having been in the industry for nearly forty years.

At Liquid Sound, it’s all about the experience.  Daniel and the staff want to make sure you won’t forget your visit at the store. The emphasis is on providing the most efficient environment for proper demonstrations, so that one can fully appreciate the nuances and strengths of all the wonderful products they have to offer. The store has been purposefully laid out to allow easy and unrushed demos of multiple systems, most of which are wired with Nordost.  Clients are encouraged to bring in their own LPs and/or reference CDs. The main goal at Liquid Sound is to provide a musically friendly and relaxed atmosphere to its clientele, combined with true, expert advice. The staff will take the time to get to know you before putting forth any recommendations on equipment.  Tell them what sound you’re looking for and they’ll do their best to make sure you get it!

Liquid Sound is also a great place to shop for Home Theatre, offering dedicated custom fitted home theaters from M&K Atmos Surround for a true movie theater experience one can enjoy in their own home.  Sit down and strap in for a sensory overload in the home theatre demo room, while the team explains and demonstrates what a home theater can, and should be.

As soon as you walk in the store, you can tell these guys are serious about Hi-Fi, with brands like Magico, Lygndorf, Musical Fidelity, Monitor Audio Silver, Rogue, and Anthem, just to name a few. Some include microphone room correction to tweak the sound for your home setup.  But that’s not all they do, they are also smart home (custom install) specialists.

Liquid Sound has been a true believer in Nordost cables and accessories for many years.  In Daniel’s own words “Nordost is by far the best upgrade anyone can do to improve an Audio/Video system.  The results are remarkable!!  We have transformed many of our clients’ systems by simply upgrading power cables, proper grounding solutions, and updating speaker cables.”

For Daniel and the team, it’s still not enough to provide outstanding products and expert advice.  Educational and informative special events are held after hours, and on a regular basis, where industry specialists will come in to entertain and educate customers by doing demos or holding seminars, and even do new product introductions.

Coincidently, such an event is happening today, on Wednesday May 29th at 6:00pm, featuring Nordost.  Liquid Sound and I would love to see you there!

We are very proud to count Liquid Sound as a Nordost team member and wish them continued success!


Liquid Sound

4320 West 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6R 2H7

Phone: (778) 891-7750

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