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Back in 1977, three young music lovers working in a local stereo shop yearned to be able to offer even better quality components to their clients—offering names like Mark Levinson, Audio Research, Magnepan and so forth.  Their love of music and their passion to provide higher grade audio components that served the music they loved, led to the formation of Take 5 Audio in New Haven, CT.  Initially working out of an apartment and running ads in the New York Times to alert hifi enthusiasts to their existence, their dedication and boundless enthusiasm was soon rewarded with a move into a fine brick and mortar retail store location where they began to flourish.


Today, Take 5 Audio is located directly across the street from Yale University in downtown New Haven, CT.  Take 5 Audio is an audio oasis, with five dedicated sound rooms chock full of today’s very best audio and video gear.  Names like Wilson Audio, McIntosh, Audio Research, Mark Levinson, Ayre Acoustics, Audeze, Magnepan, B&W Bowers and Wilkens, Brinkmann, AMG, Aurender, Clearaudio, Dynaudio, Bryston, Linn, Harmonic Resolution Systems, Esoteric, Marantz, JL Audio, Paradigm, Zanden and, of course, Nordost, adorn their shelves.  Owner Ralph Cortigiano and lead salesman Bob Carissimi are two of the nicest and most knowledgeable audio and video aficionados you will ever have the pleasure of meeting and working with!  The store is very well appointed with ample facilities for demoing every fine brand they carry.  The foundation of this business was built upon trust — trust that is today revered by both past and present clients, further fortified with a solid confidence in the advice and service Take 5 Audio provides to all their customers.   Product recommendations are based on what is best for their customers.  They are strong adherents to the philosophy “do it right the first time” which ensures no buyer’s remorse and ends up saving you, the customer, money in the long run, by avoiding incorrect or impractical purchases.  Ralph and Bob follow a no-pressure, no-commission sales approach which ensures decisions are based on what’s best for their customers.  Their longevity in the marketplace attests to this successful and relaxing sales approach!


Take 5 Audio has been a wonderful member of our family of Nordost authorized dealers.  They have demo product on hand for personal customer evaluation, as well as on display, and ready for demonstrations in their sound rooms.  You can audition Valhalla 2 in a highly resolving audio system as well as Heimdall 2 and, our Leif Series of cables.  They also have Nordost’s very exciting new product on demo, the QKORE grounding system!     So please, next time you are in New Haven, Connecticut, drop by and visit this very fine audio oasis.  Say hello to Ralph, Bob and Renae, and listen to some of the finest audio gear available.  They will work within your budget and make sure you leave with the utmost confidence in their ability to select the right gear to honor the music that you love!

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