Dennis Davis Introduces Valhalla 2 in The Audio Beat

Picture 1484Earlier this year The Audio Beat published Dennis Davis’ review entitled, First Sounds: Nordost Valhalla 2 – What Nordost’s Valhalla 2 means for the existing Valhalla owner. The article is Dennis’ firsthand account of upgrading the reference cables in his system from Nordost’s Valhalla to Valhalla 2. We find this piece to be a fantastic introduction to V2. It’s great to see the reaction our products receive, and to get such positive feedback on all of the hard work and time that went into perfecting our Valhalla 2 cables, Nordost’s most recent reference range.


“My immediate reaction was that I was hearing an advance in the overall integration and musical geometry unmatched by any other upgrade I’ve heard in my system. Ever.”   – Dennis Davis, The Audio Beat


To read Dennis’ full review click here.


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