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In his article, Nordost QRT System Review, Fred Crowder shared his most recent experience working with QRT products with the readers of There you will find Fred’s account of integrating a full array of QRT Power Products in two separate home sound systems. Fred does a wonderful job of going through the process of adding QRT to a system from beginning to end— from identifying the problem, to explaining the solution, to the order in which you should introduce our modular line of power products. After every step Fred becomes more taken with our QRT devices.

“…The sound was addictive. The overtones of metal instruments were easier to distinguish. The sound of plucked strings was particularly well delineated.”

You can now read Fred’s full article, Nordost QRT System Review, in the review section of the Nordost website.

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    • We are very glad that you are pleased with the our product! It is amazing what clean AC can do to the performance level of a system, isn’t it?

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