George de Sa Reviews the Heimdall 2 Cable Range

Review Banner- Heimdall 2 Speaker Cable

We are pleased to share that the Nordost Heimdall 2 Range has been awarded the CANADA HiFi Magazine Editor’s Choice Award! In his article, featured this month in Canada HiFi, George de Sa’s article, “Upgrading an Audio System With Nordost Norse 2 Heimdall 2 Cables”, describes the transformation of his system as he integrates an entire loom of Heimdall 2 into his set-up. The result was apparent:

“[With Heimdall 2] intricacies of the soundstage and venue were laid bare in a most eloquent manner and I was drawn-in closer to re-living the live experience than I’ve ever experienced in my room before”

– George de Sa, CANADA HiFi

You can now see George’s Heimdall 2 Cable Review here:   

Upgrading an Audio System With Nordost Norse 2 Heimdall 2 Cables

(or on the Nordost website under Reviews)

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