Hi-Fi+ Analogue Award WINNER: Odin 2 Tonearm Cable +

We are happy to share that Nordost’s Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + has been awarded with the Hi-Fi+ Analogue Award!

First introduced in 2021, the Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + is the perfect solution for audiophiles who want the absolute best from their high-resolution, vinyl-sourced systems. Alan Sircom was absolutely blown away by our Supreme Reference tonearm cable, due to its unmatched performance and comprehensive grounding solution. As he said when he first reviewed this product:  

“This is the best damn cable to hook a turntable to a phono stage. Ever.” – Hi-Fi+  

We’re not sure that you can get any higher praise than that!

You can read Alan’s Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + review here: Nordost Odin 2 Tonearm Cable +

You can find Hi-Fi+’s official Analogue Award statement here: Hi-Fi+ Analogue Awards 2023

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