Hi-Fi Choice Reviews Norse 2 Bi-Wire Jumpers

We are very happy to announce that our Norse 2 Bi-Wire Jumpers have joined the ranks of “Hi-Fi Choice Recommended” products! Neville Roberts was very pleased with Nordost’s solution for bi-wireable loudspeakers, both for hifi-lovers with a bi-wire/bi-amp set-up who don’t want to invest in two separate sets of loudspeaker cables, as well as for system-owners who are using bi-wire loudspeakers along with single-output amplifiers. This efficient, practical, and effective solution yields massive sonic improvements by replacing the standard, metal plates and generic wires supplied with most bi-wire loudspeakers.

“The Norse 2 [Bi-Wire Jumper]…matches its task very well, offering all the refinement you would expect from a set of high-end cables and so is a sensible upgrade to the metal links fitted to so many speakers.” — Neville Roberts, Hi-Fi Choice 

To decide if you should be using our Norse 2 Bi-Wire Jumpers in your own system, and for tips on how to configure jumpers with your loudspeakers, download our Bi-Wire Jumpers guide, today! 

You can now read Hi-Fi Choice’s review here: Nordost Norse 2 Bi-Wire Jumpers

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