hi-fi+ reviews the QBASE Reference

We are thrilled to share our first, official QBASE Reference review. As an auspicious bonus, this review can be found in the highly valued 25th Anniversary issue of hi-fi+!  

Unsurprisingly for all who have heard the QBASE Reference in their own systems since its launch, editor and reviewer, Alan Sircom was enthusiastically positive about our QBASE Reference, saying that the Audio Gods smiled favorably on Nordost with a device that “helps the system get out of the way of the music”. Alan has always been an advocate of our products, especially those that help with the all-important foundation of one’s system, and the QBASE Reference is a “cornerstone” of that concept.

 “For those already in audio’s First-Class lounge… this could be your first upgrade. Nordost’s QBASE Reference is that important to the sound of your system.” – Alan Sircom, hi-fi+

You can find Alan’s QBASE Reference Review on the Reviews Page of the Nordost website, or read it in its entirety here: Nordost QBASE Reference (QB10) AC Distribution System

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