Introducing the Ax Angel Microphone Cable and Loudspeaker Cable


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In order to produce a high quality reproduction of sound, both for stage as well as in recording scenarios, it is extremely critical that the microphone cable being used can accurately and effortlessly convey the range in frequency, dynamics, and emotion of the music and vocals being performed. The Ax Angel Microphone Cable guarantees the bandwidth and transfer speeds necessary to generate that much coveted, authentic sound. The Ax Angel Microphone cable is constructed using 4 x 24 AWG stranded, OFC conductors, which have been wrapped in Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology. They are then enclosed in a layer of extruded, high performance FEP and protected with a braided shield. As an added precaution against the strain microphone cables are subjected to from constant plugging and unplugging, Nordost has added an Aramid Fiber Strength Member to its cable design. This strength member not only ruggedizes the cable by increasing its mechanical integrity, but the resonating properties of Aramid fibers also enhance sound quality.

The standard option for the Ax Angel Microphone Cable is female XLR to male XLR. However Nordost’s microphone cable is also available in specialized terminations including 1/4 inch mono phono, 1/4 inch stereo phono and RCA terminations.

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lg-Ax Angel Speaker Cable_Phono to Phono

The Ax Angel Loudspeaker Cable is comprised of two, stranded, 16 gauge OFC conductors. What sets this speaker cable apart from any other in the Pro Audio market? The Ax Angel Speaker Cable is improved exponentially thanks to Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology. First developed for Nordost’s reference-level hifi audio cables, Mono-Filament technology has revolutionized sonic transmission.

In an ideal world, conductors would be completely suspended in air (the best known dielectric). In a real-world application, however, this is an unrealistic possibility. Nordost’s Mono- Filament technology is the only solution that combines the fast transmission speed of an air dielectric with the flexibility needed in an audio cable. By winding a mono-filament strand of FEP around each conductor before enclosing both in an FEP extrusion, only a small portion of the conductor is making

contact with the FEP insulation, suspending it in a virtual air- dielectric. This air gap reduces the insulation contact by 80% and guarantees the low capacitance, resistance and inductance needed in order to transmit audio signals with virtually no loss in information.

The Ax Angel Speaker Cable is available with both 1/4 inch phono and Speakon connectors to accommodate the most common terminations needed in a Pro Audio application.


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