Introducing Leif 3 Cables

Bring NEW LEIF To Your System

Nordost’s Leif Series has been the benchmark in entry-level audio cables since its introduction to the hifi industry over three decades ago. The longevity of this influential line is due both to Nordost’s comprehensive approach to cable construction, as well as our ability to improve upon celebrated products as technology develops, while remaining true to a core design philosophy.  

Leif 3 cables embody the culmination of years of technological breakthroughs and advancements in craftsmanship, meticulously refined to meet the modern demands of mid-fi and hi-fi sound systems. Leif 3 cables leverage optimal materials, unique geometry, and filter-less technology to unlock dynamic, low-loss, and lifelike performances from any audio system.

With its four, iconic ranges – White Lightning, Purple Flare, Blue Heaven, and Red Dawn– Nordost invites music enthusiasts of all levels to bring NEW LEIF to their sound systems.

Power Cords

The Basis of Elevated Sound

To maximize the potential of your audio system, a sturdy foundation is essential. The power cords employed in hi-fi and mid-fi setups play a pivotal role in this foundation, directly impacting the performance capabilities of audio components. Nordost’s Leif 3 Power Cords are engineered to unlock newfound potential, even in modest systems, offering a gateway to elevated audio experiences.

Derived from years of research and development, Leif 3 Power Cords inherit the design principles of Nordost’s esteemed reference-level products, Valhalla 2 and Odin 2. Utilizing FEP extrusion and Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology, each heavy-gauge conductor is meticulously wrapped with an FEP filament to create a virtual air gap within its own, individual FEP tube. This ensures the uninterrupted flow of AC power, allowing your system to effortlessly deliver dynamic nuances in music.

Leif 3 Power cords are distinguished for ultra-fast, low-loss design, preserving the low source impedance of the AC supply for optimal performance. Introducing Purple Flare 3, Blue Heaven 3, or Red Dawn 3 power cords into your system promises to enrich the dynamics, color, and texture of sonic reproduction, heightening the realism of your system and allowing you to immerse yourself in the performance itself.

Loudspeaker Cables

Radically-Thin Profile, Full-Bodied Sound

One of most distinctive features Nordost products possess is the unique, flat design of the loudspeaker cables. This design isn’t just about standing out; it’s a performance-driven solution. Flat cables sound better.

By adopting a flat geometry, Nordost decreases capacitance, strand interaction, and skin effect within speaker cables, resulting in cleaner, more accurate signal transmission. Why is this design unique to Nordost? Simply put, only Nordost has the technology to successfully produce ultra-thin, air-tight, durable cables, with the precision necessary to create a high quality, flat audio cable.

Nordost’s Leif 3 Loudspeaker Cables are constructed using silver-plated, solid core OFC conductors which have undergone an intricate FEP extrusion process to elevate the dielectric properties of the cables. They are then finished using a specialized termination method with gold-plated z-plug banana or spade connectors. Leif 3 Loudspeaker cables increase the drive and dynamic realism of sonic reproduction, gaining a new level of musicality in your sound system.

Analog Interconnects

Connect to Your Music

In the pursuit of sonic purity, a successful interconnect should seamlessly transmit audio signal without introducing any distortion or alteration. Nordost’s Leif 3 Interconnects achieve this goal through a filter-less approach, offering a neutral conduit that faithfully reproduces music.

Nordost’s Leif 3 Interconnects are constructed using silver-plated, solid core OFC conductors arranged into twisted pairs in order to reduce noise interference from the signals they carry. Each pair is then individually shielded before being bundled and secured in a second, braided shield, providing 97% coverage.

Terminated with gold-plated Neutrik XLR or Profi Neutrik RCA connectors, Leif 3 Interconnects serve as the ideal interface for mid-fi and hi-fi components alike. They maximize signal transmission while preserving the integrity of the source material, allowing enhanced textural aspects of music reproduction to shine through.

Introducing the QBASE Reference

The performance caliber of a high-end audio system begins and ends with the AC that feeds it, making AC distribution one of the most impactful upgrades in hifi. With the new QBASE Reference, Nordost has now developed a power product that matches the caliber of their most preeminent cable ranges. The QBASE Reference is a multifaceted, reference-level AC distribution unit that operates as a filter-less alternative to power conditioners, delivering pristine power to audio components, without imparting its own sonic characteristics on systems or limiting AC current. 

For years, the hifi community has been misdirected into thinking that the only way to protect sensitive electronics from power fluctuations, electrical noise, and “dirty” power is through power conditioning. But at what cost? Power conditioners are a semi-redundant solution which hinder more than enhance audio performance. The same in-line power technology that allows a power conditioner to reduce noise simultaneously limits bandwidth, compresses dynamics, and contributes to sonic confusion. These are compromises Nordost refuses to make. 

Always searching for a solution, Nordost turned to its own QRT products, a family of transformative, parallel power products designed to eliminate noise, enhance dynamics, and bring cohesion to performance, while preserving an unimpeded AC path to system components. It was within those already highly acclaimed ideas that the jumping-off point for the QBASE Reference was conceived; the apex of Nordost’s already lofty accomplishments in the realm of AC power. 

At its core, the QBASE Reference, like Nordost’s other QBASE units, is a passive distribution component that uses star-earth topology to address the noise-inducing, conflicting flow of signal and ground paths within a hifi system. However, that’s just the beginning of what the QBASE Reference has to offer. This 10-outlet AC distribution unit offers numerous Nordost technologies within its mechanically tuned, extruded aluminum chassis, in order to bring a new realm of power optimization and audio refinement to your reference system.

QBASE Reference features include:

  • Star Earth Topology provides ground separation for all of the devices it serves, allowing stray voltages and eddy currents to be referred to one, central, ground point.

  • Specialized PCB design offers symmetrical Live/Neutral Topology as well as separate grounding (with Voltage directionality technology).

  • Multiple, internal QSINE and QWAVE devices can be tailored to the listener’s preference and the system’s specific needs. The QWAVE technology manipulates the sine wave by sampling the AC signal and inserting a series of pulsed frequencies back into the AC line to tame harmonics and overtones. QSINE technology enhances the AC signal by introducing a frequency field onto the circuit path that removes noise from the sine wave through a process similar to dithering.

  • Specifically optimized and modified QPOINT technology impacts both the PC boards and QSINE/QWAVE technology within the QBASE Reference, imparting an increased synergy between all internal elements, which enforces audible sonic cohesion.

  • Dual Primary Earth design allows for an optional, additional, switch-activated Primary Earth in setup scenarios that include dual mono preamps that use dual power cord inlets, to avoid different ground potentials on both channels.

  • Internal, solid core Micro Mono-Filament wiring throughout the device, increases transmission speeds.

  • Pre-QKORE ground design provides a completely separated ground path that leads to and directly complements the LVAP technology housed inside the QKORE.
  • Resonance control Sort support feet are four modified Sort Füt units, which work in perfect synergy with the mechanically-tuned chassis of the QBASE Reference, draining vibrations from the electrical and mechanical aspects of the device.
QBASE Reference – US
QBASE Reference – EU
QBASE Reference – AUS

The QBASE Reference is designed to conquer the imperfections and unpredictability of the AC signal, making it the ultimate solution for achieving unprecedented audio purity. Introducing it into your system will allow you to hear your music as it was intended to be experienced, without compromise.

Introducing the QSINE and QWAVE

Nordost’s line of QRT Enhancers and Harmonizers, which originated with the QKOIL and QVIBE, is now expanding to include two fresh designs in the QSINE and QWAVE. Each plug-in provides a unique solution that helps to improve upon the poor quality AC that negatively affects the audio/video performance of two-channel and home entertainment systems.

The QSINE AC Enhancer and QWAVE AC Line Harmonizer are designed to be used alongside the QKOIL AC Enhancer and QVIBE AC Line Harmonizer. While each of these plug-ins has a unique focus, they all complement each other as a modular set of AC products. As with the QKOIL and QVIBE, both the QSINE and QWAVE can be used as “stand-alone” products, but their benefits are cumulative and are best enjoyed when integrated into a full suite of QRT products. To implement the QSINE and QWAVE, simply plug each device into any spare socket that connects to the AC line of your sound system.

Learn more about these two exciting new products:


The QSINE enhances the AC signal in a sound system by introducing a specific frequency field onto the circuit path. This frequency field indirectly reshapes the sine wave, which, in turn, lowers the effects of EMI noise embedded into the AC power, positively impacting the listener’s perception of the musical signal. Introducing the QSINE into your sound system brings about several distinct benefits

  • A lowered perceived noise
  • An increase in the clarity, detail, and pacing of musical reproduction
  • A reduction of EMI on the AC line
  • Greater musicality and improved tonal balance


The QWAVE manipulates the sine wave by introducing a precise range of pulsed frequencies onto the AC line, clocked from the original 50 or 60 Hz waveform. Through this manipulation, the QWAVE is able to better control the harmonics and overtones attributed to many improvements, not least of which is the enhanced realism of both the musical and visual aspects of performance. As a result of integrating the QWAVE into your sound system, you can expect several noticeable results

  • A lowered noise floor
  • Increased imagery and dimensionality
  • An enhanced presence of the sound stage
  • A deeper, more dimensional, and vibrant picture in AV systems

Like the QKOIL and QVIBE, the QSINE and QWAVE are housed in a mechanically tuned, carbon-fiber body and equipped with either a US (NEMA), EU (Schuko), or AUS connector. (EU to UK adapters are available as needed)

Introducing the QBASE Mark III – AC Distribution Unit

We are excited to introduce the new QBASE Mark III. Since first being introduced to the market in 2009, the QBASE has been a sophisticated, yet straightforward AC Distribution Unit which provides the solid foundation audio components require, in order to improve upon any high-performing, two-channel system. Now, we are further amplifying the benefits that the QBASE brings to a system’s performance with the launch of the QBASE Mark III. 

At its core, the QBASE will remain true to its historically praised design and concept with its mechanically tuned, extruded aluminum body, durable contact points, and internal MonoFilament wiring. Much like its predecessors, the QBASE Mark III addresses the noise-inducing, conflicting flows of signal and ground paths within a hifi system by using a unique method called “star-earth topology”. Star-earth topology connects all outlets from one central point (or outlet) to the input. In the QBASE, we do this while additionally lifting the impedance level on every outlet, except for the one deemed “Primary Earth”. Elevating the ground in this passive manner achieves three indispensable effects: it creates an uninterrupted, straightline AC distribution path from the wall to each individual component, isolates each component by deterring the ground flow between them, and eliminates conflicting flow between signal and ground paths all without any form of inline filtering or active circuitry.

Nordost’s QBASE Mark III is a significant upgrade compared to its previous iteration. Improvements include: 

  • Newly designed, dual PC-board configuration 
  • Increased separation of all ground connections from the line and neutral traces 
  • Further minimized interference/ crosstalk between live/neutral and ground currents 
  • Enhanced trace sizes to maximize current flow 
  • Revised resistance “sink” to add protection and effectively damp eddy currents

Nordost’s QBASE Distribution Unit has been an essential component in hifi systems ranging from modest to reference-level for well over a decade. Now, with the crucial developments implemented in the design of the new QBASE Mark III, the benefit it brings to system performance has only been amplified. The QBASE Mark III impacts every component connected to it, improving each component in unique ways. The cumulative effect it has on a system is all encompassing— enhancing the 3D imaging on the soundstage, pulling out tonal richness and sustained decay time in the music, and imparting a clear increase of power while maintaining a neutral and effortless delivery of the performance.

Available QBASE Mark III Models:

QB8 – Eight Outlet

US (NEMA), EU (Schuko), or AUS
IEC C-14 (15/10Amp) or IEC C-20 (20/16Amp)

QB4 – Four Outlet

US (NEMA), EU (Schuko), or AUS
IEC C-14 (15/10Amp)

QB6 – Six Outlet

IEC C-14 (13Amp) or IEC C-20 (16Amp)

Introducing the QNET Stand

Nordost’s new QNET Stand is the perfect accessory for our QNET Network Switch. The QNET Stand allows you to maximize the performance of your QNET by supporting it with our award-winning Sort Kones. While the QNET has been designed to be the quietest Network Switch available on the market (a designation which is supported by the rave reviews it has received), it is still an electrical component. As such, improvements can be made!

Nordost’s Network Switch has a uniquely intricate and sensitive design, comprised of almost 200 components! Each of these components introduce their own micro vibrations which, when combined, have an impact on noise. As audiophiles, we strive for perfection. That’s where Nordost’s QNET Stand comes into play. In combining the QNET, QNET Stand, and Nordost Sort Kones, you will be able to achieve a virtually noiseless digital experience, separating the music from its background.

Introducing the QNET – Network Switch

Over the past two decades, the way in which people listen to music has evolved tremendously. Today, even the most discerning of audiophiles have embraced digital sources into their systems. However, in some cases, this adoption has moved faster than the technology, forcing users to integrate non-audio-grade components into highly specialized systems. This is especially true with standard network switches, designed to be used with TVs or computers, which introduce noise, cross-contamination, and interference into your hifi system. 

Nordost’s QNET is different…

The QNET is a layer-2, five-port Ethernet switch that has been specifically designed with audio performance in mind. 

Compared to other audiophile network switches currently found on the market, which are typically standard switches with a simple upgrade to either the power supply or oscillators, the QNET is completely redesigned from the ground up. Every aspect of this product, from part to placement, was made to perfect the transmission and receival of high-speed audio signals, while achieving extremely low noise operation. 

Internally, the QNET uses a high speed, multi-layered, impedance-controlled layout, which optimizes signal routes, minimizing reflections, interference, and crosstalk. It also boasts an extremely low-noise, stable oscillator for the main clock of the device, which allows for minimal jitter and phase noise. It is equipped with six dedicated power supplies, which provide unencumbered current to all parts of the switch, while minimizing noise cross-contamination and ensuring clean, interference-free operation. 

Externally, the QNET is manufactured using an extremely durable aluminum housing. This housing not only acts as a heat sink and shield for the device, but also provides physical separation for the five, independent ports, each accommodating an 8P8C (RJ45) connector. The physical separation of each of these ports is a critical and unique design element, ensuring minimal crosstalk and interference within the device.

Each port on the QNET is optimized for its application. Three of the five ports are auto-negotiated 1000BASE-T (1 Gbps) capable, which should be used for the router and other generic network devices. The remaining two ports are fixed to 100BASE-TX (100 Mbps), a speed at which internal noise reduction is possible, making these ports best used for primary audio servers/players or external media sources. 

The QNET is provided with its own DC power supply. However, to achieve the best results, the QNET should be powered by Nordost’s QSOURCE Linear Power Supply and connected with Nordost’s award-winning Ethernet Cables

Whether you stream music and/or video from a local server, a NAS drive, or from the internet, upgrading your digitally-run system with Nordost’s QNET will make all the difference. This premium network switch will deliver enviable dynamic range, extension, and clarity to your system. As a result, the voices and instruments in your music will stand out against a surprisingly black background, giving you the fluid, life-like performance that you are looking for from your digital experience. 

  •  Audio optimized, Layer-2, five-port Ethernet switch
  •  Auto-negotiated and fixed Ethernet ports 
  •  Internal noise-reduction
  •  High speed internal layout 
  •  Low-noise, high precision oscillator
  •  Dimensions: 165mm D x 34.25mm H (6.5in D x 1.35in H)

Nordost Introduces New Supreme Reference Cable Range – ODIN GOLD

Nordost is excited to introduce its innovative, new Supreme Reference range, Odin Gold. Odin Gold achieves the unthinkable, eclipsing Odin 2. While Odin 2 will continue to remain available, as a beacon of audio prowess throughout the industry, Odin Gold is now taking its place at the apex of Nordost offerings, as the new flagship line. 

Odin Gold advances the revolutionary technology generated throughout the development of the Odin 2 range, and improves upon its elemental composition. With this new preeminent cable range comes the introduction of a new material to Nordost’s award-winning design philosophy. One whose stability, conductivity, and tolerance yields transformative, never before experienced enhancements to performance. That material is gold. 

The Odin Gold range of audio cables includes the most prestigious array of power cords, analog interconnects, tonearm cables, and loudspeaker cables available in the high end consumer audio industry. Each of these state-of-the-art products boasts the highest quality materials on the market, alongside the full breadth of Nordost’s technological advances, innovative manufacturing techniques, and revolutionary, proprietary materials. 

Audiophiles familiar with Nordost will recognize these design features from their highly celebrated predecessor, Odin 2 – features such as Dual Mono-Filament technology, mechanically tuned lengths, Total Signal Control, and Holo:Plug® connectors. However, the influence of these design elements, in concert with the audible effects of gold-plated conductors, shielding, and connectors, provides a hyper-realistic audio experience that has to be heard to be truly appreciated. 

Nordost’s Odin Gold audio cables are a revelation to the highest echelon of two-channel systems available in the audio world, producing a realism in playback that erases any confounds of an audio system, leaving you, for the first time, enveloped by the music itself. 

Attendees of The Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show were the first to preview Odin Gold. The show served as the start of a year-long rollout period, during which this exceptional product will be introduced to audiophiles around the world. To experience your reference audio system as it has never been heard before, elite customers will soon be invited to schedule personalized Odin Gold auditions led by Nordost’s most exclusive Supreme Reference dealers.


Introducing the QRT Stand Mount

Nordost’s new QRT Stand Mount is the perfect accessory for our QBASE Mark II AC Distribution Unit and QSOURCE Linear Power Supply, offering several stable new ways to place your QRT products for both sonic improvements as well as convenience! With the QRT Stand Mount, you will be able to easily support your device with Sort Kones (draining it of vibration with greater stability than ever before), mount it to the wall, or simply lift it, providing extra stability. The Stand Mount was designed with your ease in mind, and can be integrated into any system that already uses our QBASE Mark II or QSOURCE.

Introducing Nordost’s New Odin 2 Tonearm Cable +

Audiophiles who have an appreciation for classic, two-channel systems understand the importance of a high-end tonearm cable. The tonearm cable is the most critical and sensitive cable in any vinyl-sourced system. This is especially true in revealing reference systems. The delicate signals carried from the phono cartridge to the phono stage demand that every aspect of the cable’s design, material, and construction be entirely optimized for its application. The newly released Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + is the perfect solution for such critical demands.

Nordost’s Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + consists of four, silver-plated, solid core 99.999999% OFC conductors, wrapped in a patented Dual Mono-Filament suspension. This innovative and proprietary design element dramatically increases signal speed and reduces insulation contact by 85%. The conductors are then individually shielded using Nordost’s unique Total Signal Control (TSC) technology, allowing for 100% coverage and protection from external pollution (such as RFI and EFI) and crosstalk. 

The largest hurdle to overcome in tonearm construction is noise. Providing proper and complete grounding has historically been a challenging feat. Nordost’s O2 Tonearm Cable + easily tackles this problem with a two-prong approach. Firstly, Nordost’s new tonearm cable runs a fully isolated bond ground throughout the cable. When needed, this bond ground connects the chassis of the turntable and phono-stage, creating a secure, low noise connection between the two components. The second method is a versatile solution, ensuring that Nordost’s tonearm cable will be able to address any grounding need, regardless of the unique construction of the components in the sound system. Each Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + will include two, detachable, silver-plated ground whips, complete with Dual Mono-Filament technology and TSC shielding. When needed, these ground whips connect to the shielding of the tonearm cable, totally eliminating any noise that could be introduced during signal transfer. 

As with all cables in our Supreme Reference Range, the Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + is measured to precise mechanically tuned lengths, a technique that reduces internal microphony and high-frequency impedance resonances. The O2 Tonearm Cable + is then terminated with Nordost’s proprietary HOLO:PLUG® Straight or 90º low-mass 5-pin Din, RCA, or XLR connectors, which have been specifically designed to accommodate the cable’s unique design.

The Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + is handmade in the USA, offering the highest level of production quality and precision, which is necessary when manufacturing the most crucial signal cable in a sound system. Nordost’s Supreme Reference-level tonearm cable eliminates noise and provides the low levels of capacitance needed to maintain the integrity of such fragile signals, ensuring a truly sublime vinyl listening experience.


  • Insulation: High purity extruded Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) 
  • Conductors: 4 x 23 AWG 
  • Construction: Mechanically tuned lay, length and Dual Mono-Filament, TSC design  
  • Material: Silver plated 99.999999% OFC Solid Core 
  • Bond Wire / Grounding Whips: 23 AWG silver-plated, Solid Core OFC, Dual Mono-Filament design. 
  • Capacitance: RCA: 9.75pF/ft  XLR: 23.5pF/ft  
  • Inductance: RCA: 0.11µH/ft  XLR: 0.0611µH/ft  
  • Overall Shield Coverage: 100% Individually shielded
  • Velocity of Propagation: 90%
  • Termination: HOLO:PLUG® gold-plated Straight or 90० low-mass 5-pin Din, RCA, or XLR connectors.  Whips and bond wire terminated with gold-plated 5mm spades.

Introducing Nordost’s New Valhalla 2 Ethernet Cable

High end, two-channel audio systems have gone through a major transformation over the past decade. Systems that were once driven exclusively by vinyl and CDs are now largely run by content stored on NAS drives and servers. In order to ensure that audiophiles can enjoy the ease of streaming music without having to concede the fidelity that they deserve, it is necessary to employ an Ethernet cable worthy of facilitating that transfer. Nordost’s Valhalla 2 Ethernet Cable allows music lovers to fully incorporate digital music storage and streaming into their reference audio systems, while maintaining, and even improving upon, their musical performance.

In order to meet the increasing demand for high speed data and increased bandwidth, the Valhalla 2 Ethernet Cable has the advantage of eight, 23 AWG, solid core conductors wrapped in a high density polymer insulation. These annealed conductors are arranged into four twisted pairs before being triple-shielded. Each of these design aspects minimizes skin effect, eliminates crosstalk and EMI (electromagnetic interference), and ensures a high performance network cable, offering far more bandwidth than is needed for the typical data demands of today.

To further distinguish the V2 Ethernet Cable from its competitors, Nordost has implemented its unique mechanical tuning process. By meticulously cutting each conductor at calculated and equal lengths, Nordost reduces internal microphony and high frequency resonance. The precise cut of each conductor, at a length which is determined by the cable’s geometry, material, and application, guarantees the uniform arrival of all signals, dramatically reducing timing errors.

To complete this reference design, the Valhalla 2 Cable is terminated with a completely specialized, gold-plated 8P8C/RJ45 connector, designed to resist ESD (electrostatic discharge) and optimized for mechanical reliability. The resulting cable supports frequencies and transmission speeds that easily meet Category 8 requirements.

The Valhalla 2 Ethernet Cable is designed, manufactured, and terminated in the USA. Each cable is constructed with precision, consistency, and quality fabrication, providing a massive improvement over standard issue, mass-produced, low precision Ethernet cables.


•   8 X 23 AWG Solid Core Conductors
•   Twisted Pair Design
•   Triple-shielded: Screen foil and Dual Braid
•   Mechanically tuned lengths
•   High density polymer insulation
•   Specialized EMI and ESD resistant gold-plated 8P8C/RJ45 connectors
•   Extremely high bandwidth