Introducing the Premium QKORE Wire

Nordost’s QKORE Wire is the final piece to the grounding puzzle when it comes to Nordost’s comprehensive parallel grounding system, the QKORE. Originally introduced alongside the QKORE in 2017, the complementary QKORE Wire provides the path of least resistance to ground for the stray, high-frequency, low-voltage potentials that negatively impact the performance of your sound system.

While one of the design directives of the QKORE Wire was to facilitate the transfer of extremely low voltages from electronics to the Ground Unit, another highly important (and an often overlooked) aspect that this component brings to the grounding system is mechanical benefits. In order to even further advance the already staggering enhancements that the QKORE brings to two-channel hifi systems, Nordost has decided to introduce the Premium QKORE Wire.

Nordost’s new Premium QKORE Wire is a mechanically tuned cable that utilizes Nordost’s patented Micro Mono-Filament technology, combined with extruded FEP insulation, and constructed with a 14 AWG, silver-plated OFC, solid core conductor. The augmentation made in its design allows for increased functionality of the QKORE grounding system, with an even quieter background, and therefore the ability to deliver a more full and realistic soundstage.

In order to accommodate the vast majority of components that could exist in any one hifi system, the QKORE Wire is available with the following termination options: spade, banana, male-XLR, female-XLR, BNC, RCA, USB-A, USB-B, and RJ45.

Nordost’s QKORE ground units are transformative, imparting a quietness to your system’s background that allows them to increase the transparency and detail of the music. Now, with the Premium QKORE Wire, you are not only completing the QKORE ground system, but giving it a meaningful upgrade that brings a whole new level of vivacity and veracity to every performance.

  • Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) insulation
  • Micro Mono-Filament technology
  • 14 AWG Conductor
  • Silver-plated 99.9999% solid core OFC

4 thoughts on “Introducing the Premium QKORE Wire

  1. Aside from the larger gage wire and black cable jacket (vs green), how does the Premium QKORE Wire differ tech-wise from the regular green cables?

    • You’re right in pointing out that the only difference is in the gauge size of the cables. In fact, the difference of a 16 AWG to a 14 AWG conductor is the same gauge difference that you find in going from our Blue Heaven to Red Dawn Power Cords. However, even though it is one thing, that doesn’t minimize the difference that even a that simple change can make.
      When you make a comparison between the original and the Premium QKORE Wires used on the primary side of the power supply, the Premium QKORE Wire does an even better job of removing any glare or sibilance that may be present at the top end, as well as improving both bass quality and bass texture/definition. When used on the secondary side of the power supply, the most obvious areas of improvement are are found in the energy and dynamics of the performance.
      I suggest that you contact a Nordost dealer to hear the difference in your own demo!

      • Can I using the Premium QKore Wire for General Ground of Audio Equipment? i mean is will connect from ground box to receplate wall outlet!

        • In the situation that you are discribing, we recommend connecting your QKORE Wire from the binding post provided on the QBASE to either a QKORE1, or the QKORE Ground binding post on a QKORE6.

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