Make the Audiophile in Your Life’s Holiday Special with the Perfect Stocking Stuffers from Nordost

The year is coming to a close and the holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the audiophile in your life. Audio gear can be a challenging thing to buy since the “right” hifi equipment tends to be system dependent, not to mention cost prohibitive. Luckily, Nordost has you covered with a wide selection of high-end stocking stuffers that will enhance ANY audio system. From precision audio enhancers to thoughtful tuning tools, Nordost has curated a collection of products that promises to elevate any listening experience! 

Make this season truly special for your music lover by gifting tools that will unlock the full potential of their audio system. Explore Nordost’s offerings and let the joy of exceptional sound fill the air this holiday season! 

Sort Kones: 

These resonance control devices are a game-changer in any audiophile’s setup. Sort Kones provide a solid foundation for any audio component, enhancing the equipment that you already own! Available in various models to fit any budget, Sort Kones effectively dissipate mechanical energy and internal vibration from your devices, be they amplifiers, DACs, CD transports etc. to ensure a cleaner and more defined soundstage. 

QRT Plug-Ins: 

The QSINE, QWAVE, QVIBE, and QKOIL make up Nordost’s line of modular AC plug-ins, designed to optimize the quality of the power that audio systems run on, by eliminating electrical noise and interference from the line. By plugging one or all of these QRT devices into any open outlet connected to your system, your audiophile will enjoy a quieter background, improved dynamics, and enhanced musical detail. Elevate your loved-one’s listening sessions by gifting them the power of optimized AC. 

System Solution–Set-Up & Tuning Discs:  

Fine tune any preexisting system with proper speaker positioning and tune ups. This comprehensive tool is a must-have for any serious audiophile. From system setup and calibration to tuning and testing, this 2-disc set guides users through every step of the process. With this resource in their arsenal, the music lover in your life will finally be able to experience the full depth and clarity of the system they already have!

Eco 3X: 

This cable cleaner is specially formulated to remove the slow buildup of static charges that can flatten perspectives and inhibit the dynamics of an audio system. Regular use of Eco 3X on audio cables disperses existing static charges as well as inhibits future accumulation from occurring, dramatically increasing transparence and the sense of life in every performance.

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