The Perfect Turntable Upgrades

The resurgence of vinyl has taken the audio market by storm. In the past decade, turntable purchases have seen a steady increase worldwide. In the US, turntable sales have risen almost 13% in just one year.1 While the UK saw sales rise by almost 20% during Covid.2

Just like any hifi lover, vinyl junkies are sure to want to make the most out of their purchases. If you’re looking for an easy upgrade to elevate your listening experience even further, premium audio cables are the way to go.

Premium audio cables allow you to hear what your components are truly capable of. When the source of your system is a turntable, both tonearm cables and power cords make a profound difference.  Never heard a cable demo before? Don’t worry, here’s what to expect when you switch out your standard tonearm cable and power cord for an audio-specific option: 

Tonearm Cable

  • Enhanced clarity – Experience a significant improvement in clarity and transparency from your music.
  • Precise sound staging – A wider, more accurate soundstage makes performances sound more realistic and increases your engagement with the music.
  • Reduced signal degradation – Low-capacitance tonearm cables protect the delicate signals carried by a tonearm lead. 
  • Noise reduction – Proper grounding (like Nordost’s revolutionary grounding solution) eliminates noise typically introduced during signal transfer so that you hear every last detail available on your record.

Power Cord

  • Decrease in background noise – Improvements in the design of connectors, solid core conductors, and shielding all reduce the electrical noise and interference that can impact audio performance, even accounting for a perceived increase in volume. 
  • Increased dynamics – Better defined high, mid, and low frequencies, as well as an improved transient response, amplify system dynamics and make music more engaging. 
  • Wider soundstage – Clean power leads to a more expansive and enveloping soundstage, lending to more realistic system performance.  

When you’re looking for that cable upgrade, why not choose one of the most highly respected, high-end audio cable manufacturers in the audio world? Our extensive range of tonearm cables and power cords ensures that you will be able to find the perfect upgrade to your vinyl rig, no matter your budget.



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