Nordost is at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest!


Have you everdreamed of being in two places at once? Well, Nordost is making the dream a reality! If you can’t make it to Greece, come and join Nordost at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO October 11-13, where we will be exhibiting in the HumboldtPeak room. RMAF is the perfect venue for Nordost to reveal its latest addition to the Sort System: The Sort Füt. This mechanically tuned resonance control device improves upon the standard spikes and stabilizers that are provided with loudspeakers and racks by eliminating unwanted, residual vibrations. Visitors will also have the benefit of sitting in on live demonstrations and comparisons of Nordost products including our newest reference cable, Valhalla 2. After experiencing the astounding difference that cables really do make, come down to the lobby level where you will be able to purchase a range of Nordost products at a special show discount of 20% off!



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