What is the most important cable in your set up?

The most important cable in your sound system is the power cord. At the risk of stripping away any magic from your tunes, the music enjoyed from your hi-fi system is little more than AC power, transformed by components to reproduce a melody. The quality of this reproduction is directly determined by the caliber of power cord which is facilitating this transfer of raw Picture 724electricity to the equipment. By simply upgrading the AC cable in your set up, the audible difference is remarkable. Unlike other cables, a power cord does not transmit a signal: It conducts AC power. The success of this cable is gauged by its capacity to deliver a sturdy, instantaneous current as well as its ability to reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequencies (RF) coming from outside sources. A poorly constructed AC cord will actually attract EMI and RF, or noise, to your current, affectively polluting the raw material feeding your system and raising the source impedance of the AC supply. An optimally built power cord, on the other hand, is designed to be less prone to, and reduce, any EMI and RF influences resulting in a faster rise time in the 50/60 Hz cycle. For the Nordost solution, see our website to learn more about our power cords ranging from our Leif to Supreme Reference ranges.

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  1. My Red Dawn Power cords are first on the list. Then Red Dawn speaker cable and Red Dawn interconnect last but not least Blue Heaven digital cable

  2. Hi. My system power cords range from the old Magus to the Vishnu. I have a Torus line conditioner. Do you recommend connecting the better power cords from the wall outlet to the Torus or from the Torus to the equipment? Appreciate your advise. (My system is totally wired with Nordost cabling)

    • Hi Bob, yes we would recommend that the best power cord in your system be the one feeding the power distribution. The power cord from the wall to the Torus is the first form of power conditioning and sets the sonic signature for the system. That being said, we would recommend a Vishnu from the wall outlet to the Torus.

        • Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the read. I have to admit I’m not very tech savy so whenever somethings go right, I probably didn’t have much to do with it but I’m glad it worked out.

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    in your set up? | Nordost Blog”, especially compelling and the
    post was in fact a fantastic read. Thanks for your time-Geoffrey

    • Thank you, Geoffrey! We are very excited about this new blog feature as well. You can look forward to more like posts in the near future!

  4. The Odin power cord is just a very solid master piece !
    Will sure perform the gear to the best itself !
    I am now using this to check all my gear and push them to the limited !
    Of course struggled for 2 weeks to plug in or pull out !!
    As the price of the Odin is the same or more than the price of the mid high end gear, really spent time in checking it out ! But the problem is, the more gear you test, the more you want to keep it !
    So after connected to each item, transport, per amp, etc…have to arrange the cheque! Very difficult decision!

    The only problem now is that I just got one power cord now, have to make more money for more pieces and then the interconnect and …..

    But for the cord I can use forever, which I think, in a long run, the average cost is o.k.


    Enjoy the music…..

  5. I am a re-awakened 60 year old hi-fi and sound enthusiast that has re-discovered music after years of noise (mp3 etc).
    I bought all new equipment this summer. Reasonably high spec. at approximately 15,000 usd. I was quite happy with the sound except for the new turntable (Rega RP 40) which I thought sounded a bit closed in.
    My dealer lent me a couple of Blue Heaven and a Red Dawn power cords…and wow. Fitting the Red Dawn to the pre-amp and the blues to the power amp and the DAC made the vinyl sound just as I had hoped, but the streamed sound over the DAC was a bit edgy but overall everything had a significant lift- Needless to say the dealer then lent me a Heimdal 2 power cord ..and with that on the pre-amp and the red dawn on the amp, the vinyl sounds even better and the lower mid-range and bass comes forward better than with the earlier set-up red dawn and blue heaven set-up. Result: I have now ordered a set of 4 Heimdal power cables and a QB8. I should receive this next week.
    I know that I will “have to” upgrade my speaker cables and maybe something more in relation to the power. My current cables are purple flair. What would you recommend that I should look at next if I want to consider effect versus investment? Qx2? Sort Kone(s) or speaker cable?

    I have all my equipment in a room with a concrete floor ( the basement in my house).
    I do not think that a separate earth is a viable thing at the moment…

    Apologies for the long rant, but I do look forward to your reply.

    • Hello Mr. Anderstrom,

      We’re happy you have found your way to great music! MP3’s just don’t cut it, although they do offer the convenience of taking up less hard drive space. It sounds like you have a pretty awesome system and we’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to try out our power cords to get the most potential from your gear. And thank you for your recent purchase of the Qb8 and Heimdall power cords, you’re going to love what they do for your system!

      Just remember when you install the Qb8 to make sure to plug your preamp into the “Primary Earth” outlet and the rest of your gear into the other remaining outlets. To get the next biggest bang for your money, we would recommend purchasing Sort Fut units for your speakers and rack. After that, we would recommend Bronze Sort Kones for the Qb8, especially if it is located on the floor and not on a shelf of your audio rack. Once these steps are completed, then definitely look into upgrading your interconnects and speaker cables.

      • Thank you very much for your quick response and advise. Very interesting as the Sort Fut (black foot ?) has not been mentioned or discussed really anywhere. It would appear that the Sort Kone (Black wife /cone and widow in scandinavian tongue) is used as the or in place of the Sort Fut over here.
        I will certainly first install the new items and then start to source the Sort Fut and address this with my dealer. Alternately, I will try to pick them up whilst on one of my trips to Houston. Which dealer(s) in Houston centre would you suggest.
        Best regards, Nils

  6. Love your products! I only use Nordost products in My HiFi system. Even in My Raidho speakers!
    And I am aware of,that My Heart of My system,is the distribution of power!
    Currently,I am using Frey 2 powercord to My QB8,and have 4xQV2s there. I have My CD player connected to the QX4,who is below the CD player.
    I have ordered a Isotek Titan and Will replace their 20 Amp powercord With Nordost Red Dawn,4 meters,and connect My QB8 to the Titan,With My Frey 2 powercord.
    Here is a little peek of My system in Norway! Love it!


    Kind regards
    Olle Ericsson,Norway

      • I want the best of both worlds and took the Power Conditioner upgrade to a higher level. Now,I am waiting for my new Burmester 948,which will give my system clean power,together with my Quantum QRT products.
        Many thanks for your kind comments!
        You are always welcome in my music apartment!:-)

        Kind regards


  7. Hi,

    I am setting up the system practically from the scratch and I am considering Nordost set to be the cables for the system.

    I have been thinking to buy the Blue Heaven LS for the entire cabling set, but after reading the comments from this blog post I started to think whether I should have a slightly different plan. Instead of investing to Blue Heaven LS level of speaker and interconnect cables, would it be better idea to go with White Lightning for speaker and interconnect and to get Sort Cones for amplifier and/or DAC? Or enhancing the power part even further by Red Dawn power cord and/or with QV2? What is your view on this?


    • If I were you,I would start with a good power cable and a QB8.The higher level on this cable,the better is it,because it is the main cable to your system! The QB8 distribution block is absolutely essential! After this,your wallet decides what sort of speaker cables and interconnects you should have. But,based on your thoughts,I recommend a 2 m Red Dawn power cord to the QB8 or QB4 block and put the rest on your budget in Blue Heaven or White lightning. The cones and QV2s can you take later. Good luck!

  8. I know that in your excellent “Foundation Theory” piece, it states that it is advisable to have all the power cords the same, suggesting that five $200 cords are better than one $1000 cord and four stock cords. I believe I have also heard somewhere (from a review or a dealer) that at least in one case, a system with an Odin main lead and the remaining leads Blue Heaven out performed an all Valhalla power cord system. This seems to contradict the “Foundation Theory.” Can you clarify?

    Does it make sense to have, say, a Valhalla power cord to the main distribution, Heimdall 2 to the preamp, DAC, etc, and Frey 2 to power amp(s)? Or better to have
    Heimdall 2 to all devices coming off of the main distribution?

    • To answer the first part of your question, a system that has an Odin power cord from the wall to the AC distribution unit with 4 Blue Heaven power cords to the electronics (as you mentioned) actually can sound better on SOME (NOT ALL) systems than a system completely wired with Valhalla. Again I do stress SOME, NOT ALL because some electronics can have a different level of performance based on the power cord that is feeding them and not just the power cord that feeds the whole system. However, this still is not a complete contradiction to the Foundation Theory since all of the cables being used in this scenario are coming from one manufacturer, and therefore share the same core technologies. What comes into play is that the power cord that is feeding the distribution unit is what sets the sonic signature for the whole system and the Odin and Valhalla cables differ sonically.
      To answer your second question, we would definitely recommend using Valhalla from the wall to the distribution unit. As for the other power cords, this will require trying multiple ways of connectivity to try to find out which sounds the best. First try to connect all Heimdall 2 to the electronics. Then you should try connecting Heimdall 2 to the pre-amp, DAC etc. and Frey 2 to power amps. Lastly, you should try connecting Frey 2 to the pre-amp and DAC etc. and Heimdall 2 to the power amps. It may seem like a lot of work, but ultimately it’s about finding the best sound possible for your unique system and along the way you will get a chance to really understand how your system reacts to changes which should actually be a fun process!
      I realize this is a lot of information. Should you have any follow-up questions, don’t hesitate to contact our product specialist at his email: info@nordost.com

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  12. Hi.
    I’m looking to move to Heimdall 2 throughout my system. My question is with regard to the mains. I have had a dedicated supply fitted for my hifi. But I only have a double socket to feed into. I have CD player, it’s power supply, pre amp and power amp to consider. Would you advise two components per plug, if so will the supplied accommodate or should i buy a couple of Furutech plugs or go for a mains block? Regards

    • The best investment you could make would be a QBASE. A dedicated power line, which you already have, with a QBASE controlling ground flow would be the perfect solution.

  13. I was introduced to Nordost by my audio dealer. Although a past enthusiast had not done much for 20 years. In retrospect since my knowledge was limited in the cable area all I can say I’m grateful for what my dealer did and happened. On the equipment side I had ideas and knowledge but just went with his recommendations on the cables. Now that I know much more in person, my dealer and reading reviews on line I’m very happy with how this all came together.

    My whole experience started about 5 years ago with Shiva power cords, Frey XLR and speaker cables (the pricing on the cables even at this level was an eye opener at the time- little did I know how inexpensive these really were with later purchases :).

    A year ago this past summer I did a major upgrade in my music room – speakers first after agonizing on what to do which of course lead to amps and cable upgrades. This upgrade on the Nordost side was significant – QX2, QX4, the updated QB8, Frey 2 speakers cables and 5 sets of QV2’s and QK1’s and sometime later an upgrade to Tyr 2 XLR- All made a huge difference. By this time my selection of power and interconnects were Frey 2, the one Tyr 2 XLR, Blue Heaven and Red Dawn.

    At Axpona this past April I ended up purchasing a music server and DAC (got tired of swapping discs – two tracks here three there kind of thing and wanted a playlist of all favorite tracks one after another – by the way this was a great decision for those that are on the fence). At the show in talking to Nordost at their booth it was suggested to try an Odin from the QX4 to the QB8 and leave the Frey 2 from the wall to the QX4. I kind of gulped once I saw the price but gave it a go. That was an eye opener to say the least! I also reconfigured my audio rack to support all components on Kones (Mono amps, DAC, Music server, QB8, QX4 and QX2) mostly BC however the DAC is on TC Kones. Also upgraded my Amps to F2 and added H2 power for the music server and DAC and V2 digital XLR from music server to DAC. Also moved the subs up from Blue heaven to Red Dawn. That was also a very nice improvement.

    Since the recent move by Nordost to go with Odin 2 there were some opportunities for me to purchase some Odin as others moved up to O2’s at a price that is still a lot but much more reachable for me. So ended up with Odin speaker cables and XLR’s. What can I say another nice improvement.

    In a conversation with my dealer and your rep over lunch a few weeks back he dropped the hint that he updated his whole system to V2’s and was very pleased with the results. Well guess what…. I’m in the process of doing just that. About a month ago got my first V2 to replace the Frey 2 from the wall to the QX4 so now with the Odin from the QX4 to the QB8 my trunk is probably about as good as my wallet will ever handle. Again another nice improvement. Also at the same time I upgraded my two subs from the Base line flat green cable to Frey 2 interconnects. Today I will be picking up some more V2’s to upgrade my amps from F2’s. I’m going to do a complete tear down and use your Eco also for the first time. Will use the displaced F2’s for the DAC for a brief time

    My next and final move will be to replace the two F2’s going to my DAC (QB8 to QX2 then to DAC) with 2 more V2’s and update the QX2 to a QX4. Then I think I”m done and happy. With my more recent moves to V2’s I could of easily upgraded my amps for less money however in thinking about it I wanted the base of the system as strong as I could afford so even though I don’t have any plans to replace any hardware now it will most likely happen at some point down the road. When I do I can feel confident that my base for the system is sound – no pun intended.

    Talking about the base of a system. I did a grounding of the QB8 early on to a earth ground and a Entreq box. This was before Nordost had their grounding wire. That update which was for about $100 (8′ ground rod and 100′ 10 gage ground wire less the Entreq box) was well worth the cost. Because of my location in a basement it took some time to route the wire to hide it and then find a way to the outside.

    So maybe you are wondering what did I do with all the Nordost stuff that was displaced like 3 H2 power, 3 F2 power, QB8, QX2, Frey XLR, Tyr 2 XLR and Frey 2 speakers cables – well with my music room upgrade I moved the music room speakers and subs to the media room and then filled in a center channel and surround speakers. Most of the left overs have a place when I upgrade by this time next year all the electronics in the media room. The Blue heaven, Red dawn, Shiva power and Frey speaker cables will be gifted to my son who is in the process of starting his new system. It will be interesting to watch his progression in to the future.

    Sorry in advance for the long post.

    • Thank you for sharing the evolution of your system. We are glad to hear that you are happy with all of the improvements that you have made throughout the years! As you have indicated in your post, Nordost cables truly are the foundation a sound system needs, and they are an investment in great sound. An investment that I’m sure your lucky son will be very happy that you made too!

  14. Hello, my most important cable is Heimdall 2 power cord on my cdp.
    Then all Blue even LS2 power cords on 2 final mono ampli, and pre.
    For the power cable I’m using Blue Even LS2 idem for the interconnect.
    I have an Visnu power cord but I tried on my pre, but I wasn’t satisfied how sound it.
    I should consider an update because I ‘ve bought a pair of Totem Wind speakers and I afraid that power cable is not up to the WIND…
    I think to pass at Heimdall power cable is it correct?

  15. I am a new person in audio. I read and see your blog ís useful for me to understand the importance of power cables. I just bought a wireless system Dynaudio Focus XD 600. What type of Norfost power cable would you recommend as the dealer in Hanoi advise me to select QB 4+ 02 option of cable: Heimdall 2 or blue heaven. But they can not say clearly gains and loss for each option so I still can not make final decision yet.
    Hope to receive your advise soon as I am exited to hear our first and new high end music system this week end
    thanks and regards

    • The answer is easy, always go with the best you can afford.

      The construction difference between the Blue Heaven and the Heimdall 2 is dramatic. They both use 16 gauge conductors however the Heimdall has solid conductors whereas the Blue Heaven is a stranded copper bundle design. They both add more weight or body than a standard power cord but the Heimdall will remove the high frequency harshness that occurs when you use a stranded design. When that harshness is removed you get more detail in the soundstage especially in upper frequencies.

  16. I changed out my amplifier a few years ago to a Naim SuperUniti (streamer and integrated amp) from my earlier set up of a marantz receiver and a meridian 507 CD player. All connected to B&w speakers (CDM7NT) with Nordost good flatline speaker cables that my dealer (innovative audio video in NYC) suggested back in 2001.

    Naim doesn’t recommend any power conditioners or after market power cables so I have a Naim certified power strip from cablepro with the power cables that came with it and the naim superuniti.

    Why do you think that is? My sound sounds thin and I need to improve it.

    • Several manufacturers suggest not using power conditioners because of two reasons. One, the amplifier already does what power conditioner does so its redundant. Two, many of them in fact restrict current flow because of the processing they do which causes the amplifier to work harder. Then there is the compression that occurs with many of them….

      As far as power cords goes I don’t know many companies that tell you to be happy with a stock power cord. Naim is probably the one exception and they suggest to only use their cords, speaker cables included. Not sure why.

      It’s hard to determine why your system sounds “thin” unless everything is known. Room size, speaker placement, AC quality, etc.

      One thing to try is plug the system directly into the wall to see if the power strip is causing any issues. The second thing to look at would be your speaker placement, try moving the speakers backwards towards the rear wall as well as a bit further apart.

  17. I am using Frey2 from the wall to my QB8 and Heimdall2 from the QB8 to my components, all of my signal cables are Tyr2 and it sounds great, Thanks for the fantastic sound!!!

    • We are so glad that you are enjoying our products and the improvements that they are bringing to your system! Enjoy the music !

  18. Thanks for your heimdall 2 products, i think it is good for me, the sound state is good and clear. My all from power cord to speaker cable is all heimdall 2.
    but, i need to know:
    1. why the most important cable is the line from wall to socket? in reality it is true but i dont know why. Just 2 m cable can be good like that.
    2. can the cable reduce the emi and RF so is it like a filter or just the RF cant go to 2m cable?

    • I’m glad that you are happy with your Heimdall 2 cables! To answer your questions, the most important power cable in your set up is the one that feeds your distribution bar because that it influences everything that is plugged into it. That way you are making improvements from the very start of the chain. The only way to reduce EMI and RF would be to shield the cable. You can also minimize the effects by increasing the cable speed, which is one of the benefits of Micro Mono-Filament technology. The faster the signal travels, the less it is influenced by other factors, including electrical properties.

      I hope that this answer proved helpful. In the future, or going forward, please feel free to email your questions to info@nordost.com.

  19. Salve ! Il mio impianto è : Pre stereo Exposure 3010 S2 , finali mono Exposure 3010 S2, casse Totem Model 1 Signature, meccanica CD Cambridge CXC, DAC/ network player Cambridge Azur 851 N. I cavi dei diffusori sono PURPLE FLARE, quelli di alimentazione sono tutti BLUE HEAVEN, quelli di interconnessione sono tutti BLUE HEAVEN ! Quali cavi sono i più importanti da cambiare per primi ? Grazie, saluti !

  20. Hi, I am really happy with my existing Nordost cables but due to a change in my setup I am in the market for a longer power cable from the wall to my QB8. Is there any sonic difference between a 3 meter or 4 meter Heimdall 2 power cable?

    • Yes, but it is more subtle at that point. On mechanically tuned products the longer you go (up to 4m) the overall sound gets smoother. You are spreading resonances out over a longer length. However, it’s a lot more noticeable on the other end like going from a 1m to a 2m. There the difference is much greater as you go with a longer run.

  21. Hi!
    I own and have tested a lot of you products since I ran into Hi-Fi and the Nordost mark some years ago. I find your pieces of advice here helpful. Today, I use Heimdall 2 PC’s from IsoTek Sigmas to Burmester 101 amplifier and my two players B001 and Primare BD30. Valhalla XLR between the 001 and 101 and Heimdall 2 XLR from Primare. Frey bi-wire cables to B25 speakers. Thinking of replacing Heimdall 2 PC (1 meter) to my amplifier with a Brahma PC (2 meters) Will it give a warmer and fuller sound? Will the 2 meter Brahma sound better than a similar 1 meter cord? It also has got upgraded Fururech plugs. How big is the step from Brahma to Frey 2 PC? I use an IsoTek burn-in CD to speed up breaking in the equipment, guess it also helps the PC’s? Looking forward to your answer! 🙂

    Kind regards
    Kristian, Norway

    • Hello Kristian, I want to make sure I answer every part of your question, so I have broken it up into 5 parts:

      1) Will replacing the Heimdall 2 PC (1 meter) to your amplifier with a Brahma PC (2 meters) give a warmer and fuller sound?
      Yes, because Brahma (now Frey2) is a 5 conductor power cable versus the 3 conductor Heimdall, it has a substantially fuller sound than Heimdall. More weight.

      2) Will the 2 meter Brahma sound better than a similar 1 meter cord?
      Yes, a 2m power Brahma or Frey 2 would sound warmer and smoother than the exact same power cord in a 1m length.

      3) Furutech plugs.
      It doesn’t mean it will be better, there is a reason we match the power cord to the connector and we didn’t use that with Brahma.

      4) How big is the step from Brahma to Frey 2 PC?
      It’s audible. We changed the winding technique when we developed Frey 2 and the conductor is much less spiraled than Brahma.

      5) I use an IsoTek burn-in CD to speed up breaking in the equipment, guess it also helps the PC’s?
      Yes but not much, power cords burn in far faster than other cables and typically within 48 hours or so.

      I hope that you found this helpful! If you have any further questions please direct them to info@nordost.com

  22. I’m downsizing my system, more like simplifying it, and need some power cord advise.

    Currently, I have two Frey 2, 2M, power cords and two Brahma, 2M, power cords. My system consists of one preamp and two monoblock amplifiers. (My phono preamp is battery powered, no cord necessary.)

    My question is this: should I use one Frey from the wall to the distribution center and the two Brahma to the amps; leaving the second Frey to the preamp? Or the other way around; one Brahma to the distribution center and the two Frey to the amps; second Brahma to the preamp? (I also have a spare 1M Frey 2 power cord.)

    The preamp and amps all use SMPS; monoblocks are class D.

    • I would suggest using your Brahma power cords to connect both of your amps, and one of your Frey2 power cords to connect your preamp. You should then use your other Frey2 with the power distribution.

  23. What to do, witch order will you connect my Nordost gear?
    I have
    2 x 2m Brahma powercords
    6 x 2m Vishnu powercords
    1 x QB8 mark II
    1 x Thor
    2 x QX4
    1 x QV2
    1 X QK1

    I have a preamp and Amp, Tv and more I need all plugs in QB8 Mark II and Thor.

    Please help me.

    • Based on the information that you have given here… I would suggest the following:
      Wall to QX4 with Vishnu then Brahma from QX4 to QB8
      Wall to QX4 with Vishnu then Brahma to Thor
      Rest of Vishnu’s to components
      Plus QV2 and QK1 into unused outlets on the QB8
      If you have any questions or need more information, please send them to info@nordost.com

        • The with one wall socket, you should run your best power cord from the wall to your distribution bar (QB8), and connect your components into the QB8, making sure to connect either your pre amplifier into the socket designated “primary earth”

  24. Hi Nordost

    I’m looking to upgrade my current system with new Odin 2 power cord. One into the power Qb6 and later the rest of the cables, I’m unsure of. I’m not sure if the length makes too much diffence to the the sound regarding power cables or cycles, perhaps you can expand on this.

    Are we getting a purer metal that’s better refined when we step up the Nordost ladder?

    Will the Odin have an overall effect on every component when connected through the qb6?

    Components are: Simaudio Moon 850p pre amp, 650 D Cd/dac, two mono power amps w7m monos.

    I have 7mtrs of Frey two speaker cable that made a huge difference on bass, mid, treble.

    • You are making a good decision in upgrading the power cord feeding your QB6 first. This is the most important cable in your system, and you will receive sonic benefits on every component that is connected to your QB6 as a result. The length of power chords do make a difference. The longer that the AC is running through our Odin 2 Cables the greater the benefit to you system, up until 5 meters in length. Up to that point in O2, the resonance characteristics improve. So a 2.5m sounds a bit smoother than a 1.25m for example. As for the purity of the metal, it does become more refined the higher you go into our cable offerings. Odin 2 is comprised of solid core, silver-plated 14 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors.

  25. Hi Nordost
    I don´t have grounded outlets in my apartment so a qb4 or qb8 will not work.
    Can I use two good power cords direct from the wall without grounding?
    I´m thinking of two 3m Heimdall 2 power cords.

  26. Hello. I have mainly McIntosh gears with an MPC-1500 filter feeding two mono MC275VI tube amplifiers, a C2500, a DAC and CD player. Signal cables (XLR) and speakers cables are already Heimdall 2. I am very happy with the current setup and I must admit that improvements while upgrading the speakers cable first and then the signal cables were remarkable and in the direction I wanted, i.e. transparency. I am thinking now to upgrade the power cords but don’t know where to start in the first place (sources? DAC? pre? amplifiers? main cord to the MPC?) and also if having the MPC in between, that is doing I believe an excellent job, would somehow reduce the benefits of having excellent cables downstream…

    • The great thing about power cords is they are easy to move around to see what level of improvement you get at each location. From our experience we would start with the one feeding the MPC since it feeds everything else. Then the pre-amp, amps, the DAC, and finally the transport.

      We don’t believe in filters and since the MPC is an isolation transformer that has those characteristics we would suggest doing some comparisons with it and then trying a different kind of product in its place like a Qbase to see which sonically you prefer.

      • I also have system with Mcintosh MPC1500 power center, I wonder:
        1. Should I use the QB8, QV2, QK1 in the system?

        2. Wall>QB8>MPC1500>compntor
        Which config is better? Which will be plugged to Primary Earth? Where to plug QV2s and QK1?

        Thank you!

        • The system would absolutely benefit with all three products in it. You would need to go from the wall to the power center, then to the Qb8 with all components plugging into it (amps can go either place).

          In this configuration you gain the benefit of the isolation transformer as well as the ground flow steering that the Qb8 does. The pre-amp must go into the primary earth socket and the rest (including QV2s and QK1s) can go to any available socket, since the Qb8 is internally wired in parallel.

  27. Hi, my system is build with a Devialet Pro220, CD Transport from Metronome and Wilson sophia3 and is connected with the Heimdall 2 cable, speaker cable, RJ45, Digital and power cords connected to QRT.

    I now upgrade the speaker cable to TYR2 and the dealer borrow me a TYR2 power cable to test. Should I connect the TYR power cord from the wall to the QRT or from the QRT to the Devialet?

        • Nordost recommends using your best power cord to feed the distribution device (Qbase for example). If your scenario is wall to Qx4 to Qb8 then the best power cord goes between the Qx4 and the Qb8. Second best would be from the wall to the Qx4.

  28. Question in which order should we upgrade power cords if we can’t change them all out at once. In my home theatre set up all my sources(Xbox 1 x,Apple TV 4k and 4k) tv can be upgraded.thanks

  29. Well described post.Please keep sharing this type of information. we have a have wide range of power cords like American-US Power Cords,C14 To NEMA 5-15R Power Cords,IEC C19 Power Cords,International Power Cords,Notebook Power Cords.

  30. I currently use Valhalla XLR and speaker cables, but no special power cord. I am a little skeptical on ‘dose it actually improve the sound’ as you read many differing opinions! and if you do use a quality power cable dose it deteriorate with time and or use? if it dose, do you have any information on the life span (or use).
    My apologies for such a basic question, but my knowledge would appear to be somewhat less than most of your other readers.
    Thank you

    • We maintain that the power cord is actually the MOST important cable in your system. You should definitely contact your dealer to audition a Valhalla Power Cords and see the results for yourself! All Nordost dealers should have demo cables available to you for this very reason. As far as life span goes. Unless there is any damage done to your cable, the more the cable is used (so the longer that you have had it), the better the cable performs.

  31. I have found that power cables do make the most difference in a system. I have the QB8 and have connected a Valhalla 2 meter cord to it and have used all 8 outlets for different components. I am in the process of interchanging cables to different components as you recommend. However, this is time consuming and cumbersome. I have a “stable” of Clarity cables, Vishnu and Heimdall 2 cables. As a starting point, in order of importance from best to worst, including an amplifier, preamplifier, phono preamplifier, DAC, D.Bob DoP component, 2 SACD transports and 1 CD transport how best to utilize my cables for connectivity? In other words, which component would benefit the most and which the least from a power cable?

    • To be honest, every component will benefit from the power cord upgrade and there is some deviation in the hierarchy based on the gear itself and even build quality of the power circuit. It can be daunting but it is worthwhile to try switching all of them especially after you get past the power amp since usage comes into play.

      However we would usually suggest the following based on your list.

      1. feeding the distribution device
      2. pre-amp
      3. power amp
      4. DAC
      5. Phono stage
      6. Transports based on order of usage.

      I’m not sure what the component you mentioned after the DAC is.

      • Thank you for your advice. It will be very helpful.

        The GeerFab D.BOB is a new device for SACD to output DoP to a DAC. There is an ad on page 26 in the July 2020 issue of Stereophile. In your order it is probably on the same level as the DAC.

  32. Hi Team, ideally i would like to stick to the same series for power cords, i.e., red dawn for the entire system. However, due to budget constraint, does it make sense to prioritize for example, red dawn for my pre-amp (or ?), and blue heaven power cords for the rest of the systems?

    I am currently running red dawn speakers cables, and would like to slowly upgrade all my cables to Nordost. Thanks!

    • I completely understand why it might be hard to stick with your “ideal” cable throughout the system. One of the reasons why we design our cables the way we do is so that they can easily be upgraded and mixed throughout your system without any drawbacks. In terms of prioritization, we recommend that the BEST power cord in your system should be placed from your wall to your distribution bar. Once you have that covered, then you are correct in saying that your pre-amp (or integrated) should be next in line. Next, you want your amplifiers to be covered. After that, it’s a question of “what’s used most” in your system. For example, if you mostly listen to CDs, use your better power cord on your transport. However if you use a server, then use it on your DAC etc.

  33. Hi Nordost team,

    My system is a receiver all in one ( CD, DAC, Apmpli). I am using Nordost sysem cable as following : Wall + QV 2 -> Qx2 -> Qbase 4 + 2Qv2-> receiver -> speaker with full HD 2 from power cable and speaker cable. Now i would to like to buy a power cord Odin 1 and i must do cost reduce to share cost of Odin 1 with any option as below :
    1/ I will plug on the wall to receiver and delete all rest power cord HD 2 : Does option have to good more than my system currently ?
    2/ What I would keep add a component between QX 2 and Qbase 4 + 2 QV 2 and then how i can design power cord with Odin 1 and Hd 2.

    • Hi Nordost team,

      3/ Between 3 units QV2 to plug on Qbase versus QX 2 => What can I choose both 3 QV2 and QX 2 ?
      For next content above . Can you give me some advice the way power cord design to cost & sound optimize in my system .

      Thanks & Regards,
      Vu Nguyen

      • Option 1 – This is a good option because you are not currently using the benefits of the Qb4 in full. For you to take advantage of a Qb4 you need to have more than one component plugged into it. In this scenario you would gain the benefit of adding the Odin directly into the receiver but losing the Qx2 and Qb4. Like mentioned it’s more like losing the Qx2.

        I think one additional suggestion would be wall to Receiver using the Odin power cord. Then plug the Qb4 into the second wall receptable using the Heimdall 2 power cord and then adding the Qv2’s to the Qb4.

        You can always experiment with keeping the Qx2 by going from the wall to the Qx2 with one of your Heimdall power cords and then Odin from Qx2 to the Receiver.

        • Hi Moderator,
          Thanks so much for advance power cord in my system. I will try three option to more experiences as well finding a best sound for my system and it ensure cost optimize and efficiency.

          Currently, you think my system do i need to have a Qk1 ?

          Thanks & regards,
          Vu Nguyen

        • Hi Mod
          1/ I think one additional suggestion would be wall to Receiver using the Odin power cord. Then plug the Qb4 into the second wall receptable using the Heimdall 2 power cord and then adding the Qv2’s to the Qb4 => IS WHAT BENEFITS versus have or have not the QB4 + QV 2 plug to wall ?

          2/ You can always experiment with keeping the Qx2 by going from the wall to the Qx2 with one of your Heimdall power cords and then Odin from Qx2 to the Receiver => AS YOU MENTION THIS WAY IS STILL plug the Qb4 into the second wall receptable using the Heimdall 2 power cord and then adding the Qv2’s to the Qb4.

          Thanks & Regards
          Vu Nguyen

          • 1) The receiver gets a direct connection to the wall which is always beneficial and since you aren’t using the full benefits of the Qbase you can have the Qv2’s and Qk1’s directly influence the circuit in addition to the direct connection.
            2) Yes

  34. Dear Nordost team,
    I just owner Qpoint. Can i plug Qpoint’s power cord on to wall receptacle/ Qbase which Odin power cord is also pluged in ? Does Qpoint have a make high noise or infection for system ? Can you advise me ? Please !

    Qkore wire cable J45 from router to Qbase’s clean ground to exit noise of router but i knew Qbase is only exit noise of AC supply power and it not function to exit for DC AC supply power or noise of component . Can you make clear for me in this case?

    Vu Nguyen

    • Yes the QPOINT can be plugged into the same receptacle as everything else. It is important to note, however, that any device with a switching power supply (wall wart) like wireless routers, ethernet switches, phone chargers, etc. will introduce noise into a system. It’s the power supply and not the device itself that introduces noise. If that degrades the system performance then add a linear power supply to power it instead, like our QSOURCE.
      So yes, the router can be plugged into the Qbase but switching power supplies are more noisy than linear power supplies.

  35. Hi Mod,
    I have a component all in one /CD/DAC/PRE/AMP) and I owned Odin 1 powe cord and QX2 and Qbase 4. Because I would like to cost optimize but ensure utilize effective performance on invest so I need to advise from you for that.
    1. If I will buy more Heimdall 2 or Frey 2 power cord to use capaciti of QX2. How is this option versus Odin 1 from wall to component ? And steps to set up power cord priorities for component and QX2.
    2. I will connect power total line direct to QX2 then from Qx2 to component by Odin 1 power cord.
    3. I will connect power total line direct to Qbase 4 then from Qbase 4 to component by Odin 1 power cord.

    Note: my power total line is OYAIDE: EE/ E-F2 -2.6mm OYAIDE. This is PCOCC-A superior in-wall cable.

    Thanks so much.
    Vu Nguyen

  36. Dear Nordost!
    My situation is the following: McIntosh MPC1500 Power Controller, c53 Preamp, mc462 power amp, MCT500 CD, Moon Mind Streamer (listen mostly to CD´s second streaming) XR50 bookshelf speakers. Power Cords are Frey2 into to MPC1500 all the other units are connected to the 1500 with Heimdall 2 power cables. The Moon Mind Streamer has a Tyr2 Dig. to the pre. The CD transport has the original dig. cord, which comes with the CD transport/player. The XR50 bookshelf speaker are connected to 462 by 3 m Valhalla V1 SC. The only change that I have had to make, is going from Frey2 to some old Blue Heaven interconnects I had lying around, between the preamp and power amp, which actually bettered bloating and a far to heavy sound coming out of the speakers in all music styles. So belive it or not that really made everything sound better.
    So my question to you now is, since I am still looking to better the performance of the sound, should I upgrade the speaker cables, or interconnects or power cables, and in what order would you recommend! Thanks in advance……ULF

    • Given the system you described, I’d recommend that your first upgrade be the digital cable from the transport. Next, I would upgrade the Heimdall power cords to Frey; that particular upgrade is one of the largest in our entire line.

  37. hi, I have Naim powerline 2mtrs – 2 no., Heimdell 2 power cable 2 mtrs- 2 No., Audioquest Blizaard 1mr- 1 no., Audioquest Thunder High current 1 mtr- 1 No and NordostQB6. My system is Lumin X1 streamer/ DAC, ATC SCA2 pre amp, ATC SSM 50 ASLT active speaker. Pl. guide which power cable be used in which system

    • The actual place to use each of your various brands of cables is tough to answer because we haven’t had the opportunity to hear what each does to the various components you have listed. If they were all various Nordost models, that would be a different story!
      I would suggest experimenting with each cable with each component to see which matches up the best. However, I would start with the Heimdall power cords on the Qb6 and on the pre-amp. And make sure that your ATC SCA2 pre-amp is plugged into the Primary Earth on the QB6!

  38. Question. I have a VPI turntable with a AC power cord that could be upgraded. Seeing as it’s only purpose is to run the turntable motor would this be the last power cord to upgrade and maybe the one I put the cheapest power cord on. My system is integrated amp, phono preamp, turntable and 20amp high current power strip.

  39. Just got a Qbase mark 3 and wondering if a Heimdall 2 power cord would be better then a blue heaven power cord along with one Qwave and 1 Qsine. I plan to cable everything with either blue heaven or red dawn but would invest in the better power cord for the qbase if you think that would be a better upgrade then getting a Qwave and Qsine

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