Nordost’s New Purple Flare USB 2.0 Cable

Computer Audio has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Recently, audiophiles have seized the opportunity to streamline the process in which they enjoy music by integrating music servers and DACs into their hifi systems. However, in order to maintain, and even enhance, the performance of your system, it is important not to neglect any aspect of your system’s cabling. The Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data Cable is the perfect solution for hifi audio enthusiasts trying to accommodate DACs that require micro-B and mini-B connectors.

lg-Purple Flare-USB-micro BThe new Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data Cable combines OFC conductors with Nordost’s innovative precision FEP extrusion technology, greatly reducing dielectric properties in order to increase signal speeds and ensure both electrical and sonic integrity. This double-shielded cable provides the detailed and dynamic results that music servers and DACs are capable of. Audiophiles will be amazed at the amazing improvements that can be achieved at this modest price point.

purple flare USB terminations_1

The fully shielded, metal jacket connectors used on the Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data Cable guarantee the utmost accuracy in signal transfer. Purpose built to serve any DAC or music server, the Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data Cable is available with standard-A to standard-B, micro-B, or mini-B terminations.

Digital cables make a difference, and USBs are no exception. The Purple Flare USB 2.0 Data cable is the most efficient and cost-effective digital cable, capable of delivering the ones and zeroes with maximum precision. With this cable in your setup, you will find a lift in your system that is simply not possible when using its stock counterparts.

  • 4 x 28 AWG OFC conductors
  • High performance, low dielectric FEP insulation
  • Double-shielded braid
  • Fully shielded, metal jacket connectors
  • Handcrafted in the USA


Nordost Purple Flare USB 2.0 Cable



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