NOVO Reviews Blue Heaven Analog Interconnects

Last month, NOVO magazine picked up where it left off in its cable upgrade journey with Blue Heaven Analog Interconnects. Reviewer Suave Kajko is taking his readers through the process of maximizing the performance of their audio systems step by step. In part one of his three-part series, Suave focused on power cords. Now, with the focus shifting to interconnects, he is noticing even more improvements to his system:

“The background became slightly blacker, which in turn allowed the vocals and instruments to offer a better presence…it was as if a faint fog had dissipated from in front of the music system, allowing a cleaner, more transparent sound to immerse.”–Suave Kajko

You can now read Suave’s Blue Heaven Analog Interconnect review here:  The Journey to Higher Quality Audio With Nordost Leif Cables: Part 2 of 3

And, if you missed part 1 of his Blue Heaven review series, which focused on Power Cords, you can read that here: The Journey to Higher Quality Audio With Nordost Leif Cables: Part 1 of 3

You can find these reviews and more great Nordost reviews on our Reviews Page.


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