NOVO Reviews the Blue Heaven Power Cord

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This month, NOVO released the first part of a 3-part series, The Journey to Higher Quality Audio With Nordost Leif Cables, looking at the improvements in sound quality that result from upgrading audio cables step-by-step! Using Nordost’s Blue Heaven cables, Suave Kajko aims to show readers how to get the most out of their system for a relatively small investment. In the first installment, Suave focuses on Power Cords:

“With the Nordost Blue Heaven power cord connected to the amplifier, I was immediately rewarded with a lower noise floor and an improved sonic experience…The soundstage also expanded a little in both width and depth. This painted a sonic landscape where the instruments and vocals were further apart from each other, closer to how you would hear them in real life.”

Suave’s review is now available to read here: The Journey to Higher Quality Audio With Nordost Leif Cables

You can find this review and more great Nordost reviews on our Reviews Page.


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