Pictures from Nordost Nation! June 2018

Nordost is lucky to have such incredibly loyal and enthusiastic customers! One great way that our fans let us know that they are happy with the work that we do is by sending us pictures of their Nordost products in action. Here are a few photos that have been shared with us recently. Feel free to send us pictures of Nordost in your system, via Facebook,, or #nordostcables on Instagram, so that we can continue to share them with the whole Nordost family!

“Let’s see how these sound 😊” – @bjarne.johnsen1

“Some detail and closeup shots of the Heimdal 2 cables. My favorite as of this week.” – @musiconaquietevening

Cơn Bão Số’s system with Frey 2

“Captured in the Wild, a rare Nagra PSA sunbathing on a Modulum stand.” – @arizonahifi
We also spot Odin 2 and a few QKORE Ground Units!

“嘿嘿!特別訂的#nordost #喇叭線 給中置喇叭用!” – @mk_s150
(Oh! Specially-ordered #nordost #speakercable to the center speaker!)

“No words… KEF Reference 203/2… #kef #reference #ayre #krell #nordost #curiouscable #furutech #WHFsystems #hifi #hiend #music #passion #sound #beautiful #Audiopheeling #audiophile #valhalla #tyr” – @felipe.rolim92

Mat Weisfeld from VPI, showing off his Odin 2 Speaker Cable

“Today recording saxophonist @ChrisSpeed with polish manufacturer @HumAudioDevices’ amazing ribbon RS-2 microphone and @MicEhrlund EHR-M triangular diaphragm condenser (also used for @TimBerne’s sax along with a vintage RCA KU-3A ribbon) – all with @nordostcables” – @marcurselli

What Hi-Fi (India) has there system outfitted with Frey 2, Sort Lifts, and a QKORE6!

“My beautiful @nordostcables Black Knight flatline.” – @vinilefiorentino

Nice Sort Lift shot from @hifihunt

@cultoffonza’s vinyl must sound amazing with Heimdall 2 and QRT.

Newvelle Records is using Ax Angel to record their new set of albums!
“Blowing your mind.⠀#inthestudio  photograph: @jordankleinman” – @newvelle_records

“Rewired Linn Ekos tonearm. Nordost reference internal, Nordost Heimdall 2, Lyra Kleos. #lyracartridge #nordostcables” – @stylusaudio

“HEGEL – NORDOST- AVM – Quadraspire – SPENDOR .” – @soundquest_

“Paradigm Persona 5F, Nordost Heimdall & Red Dawn, and Anthem STR. Sweet sound.” – @westcoast_av_gallery

“Sitting on a Sunday afternoon with a little BBQ and music” – @r1ver_rat

“Wilson Audio Alexx Speakers, Dan D’Agostino | Master Audio Systems, Nordost Cables Odins 2 Cables Linn Katalyst, Moon by Sim Transport, Grand Prix Audio Rack, Room Treatment by PMI Acoustical Design & Engineering — at Audio Video Integration.”

“Good quality sound wires are helping you release your sound system at a lower level of strength. With different levels of equipment matching with suitable wires, the sound will be significantly enhanced!
Our customers chose Nordost Cables red dawn power line with RCA signal line to give him the source and expansion machine! Hope he has fun!” – PinCha Audio
(Translated from Chinese)

Great photo of some QKOREs by @huge_sound

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