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For more than a quarter of a century, Nordost has been renowned for the quality of our products, and the effect that they have on music reproduction. Using Nordost allows listeners to experience music the way it was intended – unrestrained, unfiltered, true.  So it should be no surprise that when high fidelity is the goal, Nordost is who you come to for your cabling needs. For professionals in the audio industry, this is no different. Over the years, Nordost has worked with innovative manufacturers, talented artists, and celebrated recording engineers who all trust Nordost to bring their finished products to the next level.

One of Nordost’s original Industry Advocates is Barry Diament. Barry has been a professional recording engineer since in 1975, and joined Atlantic Records in 1978. Throughout his time at Atlantic, Barry used every medium, having cut tracks, recorded overdubs, mixed tracks, edited tracks, and mastered for vinyl. In 1983 Barry even became one of the first engineers to master for CD. Today, in addition to his work as a consultant designing systems and studios for recording, mixing mastering, and playback, Barry spends the majority of his time producing, recording, and mastering all of the projects at Soundkeeper Recordings. His recordings are made with all the musicians playing live, in real time, in order to capture the feel, excitement, and emotion of every performance. Some of Barry’s mastering credits include: AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, the entire Bob Marley & the Wailers catalog, Otis Redding, Pete Townshend, and Warren Zevon.

What does Barry have to say about Nordost?

“When I first built my own studio/listening room, I auditioned a wide variety of candidates for cabling and kept returning to Nordost cables. They always allowed me to feel like I was hearing past them, into the recording itself—which is exactly what I sought from the monitoring system in the studio.

With the system now outfitted with Nordost for all power, analog, digital, and computer connections (and a QBASE for power distribution), the listening experience is sublime. And the balanced interconnects, used as my microphone cables at recording sessions, have shown me that my microphones are even better than I previously thought they were.  Thank you Nordost for bringing my work to a higher level!”

Barry is a proud user of several Nordost products including Tyr 2, Heimdall 2, Blue Heaven, Purple Flare, Ax Angel, and QRT.

Next week Barry is working on an exciting new Soundkeeper Recordings project with an amazing Haitian jazz quartet featuring Markus Schwartz and Lakou Brooklyn. And as he says himself, “I’m so glad that Nordost products will be key ingredients in the recording and in the subsequent mastering.”

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One thought on “Industry Advocate: Barry Diament

  1. Barry,

    John Coster here, Dangerous Kingdom of the Heart, 1994. Lots of Water over the Dam. I’m till at it, though the last few years, I’ve been doing more book and article writing. I still have the old TAPE of your mastering. Much of that album appeared later in other contexts as the digital world moved on. I prefer your sound even if it wasn’t quite as maxed out for volume. Could that tape be a viable source still from which to derive new digital copies? I think it’s been stored pretty safely. Glad you’re still at it. New recordings soon.

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