Positive Feedback Reviews Nordost’s QKOIL and QVIBE

As usual, when people find something that works, they can’t help but come back for more! That is exactly what happened with Positive Feedback’s Marshall Nack. After being blown away by both our QKORE and QBASE, Marshall couldn’t wait to see what else our QRT technology had in store. In his most recent review, Marshall dives into the world of the QVIBE and QKOIL. He was initially skeptical when presented with these convenient system tweaks. Could they really provide assistance to both the bass and treble while enhancing overtones and helping the dimensionality and specificity of soundstaging? Marshall found that the QV2 and QK1 not only made good on their promises, but “produced the kind of sound that audiophiles dream about”! 

“There’s no doubt the QV2s give you a generous mid-and-upper-bass assist, and the QK1s round and flesh out the treble range. From the hefty, well-defined low-end into the clear mids and the soft-edged, non-abrasive highs, frequency response and tone are beautifully rendered. The palpable illusion of instruments present is happening in the way the best audio systems do it.” — Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback

You can now read Positive Feedback’s review here:  A Pair of Tweaks from Nordost QVIBE and QKOIL

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